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"Alpine Property SARL"- Takes Care of all your Needs in the Haute-Savoie

An experienced, professional and honest estate agency that has gone from strength to strength

Alpine Property - harnesses the power of the internet

There can be little doubt that the internet has revolutionised the way property is bought and sold in recent years. Alpine Property, an estate agency covering the Haute-Savoie department of the French Alps, was one of the first web-based agencies in its region. In spite of "la Crise" (the economic crisis that began in 2008 and depressed the property market significantly), the company has gone from strength to strength and now has 500 properties across the Haute-Savoie.

Honesty is the secret of success

Not only was Alpine Property one of the first Alpine agencies to develop an online presence, it was the first to produce clear, truthful and exhaustive adverts. Its properties and all the related information are shown in its adverts. This includes the exact location of the property advertised, pin pointed on a map for all to see. This is unusual in France, where agents often jealously guard details to prevent other agents and buyers stepping on their toes. Gareth Jefferies, partner in the company, believes that this honest approach is essential for success. Clients' trust is all important. Transparency at every stage of the property buying process makes for a strong relationship between the agent and the client. No room for dubious practice here!

Professional to a "T"

Alpine Property also believes in providing an utterly professional service. The team don't cut corners, and work directly with the sellers. So there are no commission hungry wolves to deal with. And, if you're wondering where the "T" comes in, it stands for translation. Buying property in France, if you don't happen to be French, always involves a necessity to understand the language. Many estate agents use sloppy translation services, leaving clients confused and often misinformed. So Alpine Property uses a translator who is an absolute professional. Her insistence of 100% correct translation verges on pedantry, but Gareth and his team wouldn't have it any other way.

Four languages spoken

Of course, when you're a Brit who's seeking property in France, you need an agent who can speak to you in your own language and also speak in French. But, as it's not just the British and French who want to own property in this wonderful region of France, the team at Alpine Property can also converse in Italian and Dutch.

Alpine Property has grown organically

Being organically grown isn't only a good thing for fruit and vegetables. It can be a great thing for a business too. It means that they've developed according to the needs of clients over time, rather than imposing their views on property seekers. There are other benefits too. Gareth explains:

"We are a company that has grown 'organically' through chance meetings or people approaching us and asking if they can get involved. We've never had to 'let someone go', only two people (out of ten) have moved on to something else."

This illustrates the strength of the company. From one office in Morzine, they now employ eighteen agents across the department. Clearly, not just a good company to do business with, but a great one to work for as well!

Location, location, location

Another secret of their success lies in the simple fact that Alpine Property's area is one of the most desirable in France. Clients come from all over the globe seeking property in the region. Winter sports fans predominate of course, but the Haute-Savoie, with its extreme natural beauty, is also popular with those who love walking, climbing, white water sports and far more. Spring, summer, autumn and winter all bring their own delights. Investors too, want to own property here, as rental incomes are good and property retains its value well. What's more, budget airline flights into Geneva mean that travelling is cheaper and easier than ever.

Alpine Property and French Property Links have a mutual respect

After being recommended to take a look at French Property Links (FPL) by an associate, Gareth says he chose to advertise because they share a regard for professionalism and have a mutual respect for each other's technical ability and focus. FPL's approach is worlds away from the "hard sell" employed by some websites. The team at FPL are happy to discuss and help with the technical aspects of advertising on the site. And they really listen to clients' concerns rather than simply pushing for the biggest sale of space.

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