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A breath of fresh air

The majority of the Oise was once a part of the Ile-de-France region but now firmly belongs in Picardy. The department is both a peaceful escape for Parisians and a more scenic base for those who don't want to linger in the capital any longer than is necessary. This is a land of dark forests, rolling countryside and deep valleys. A river of the same name flows from the south to the east of the department.

Ambitious architecture

Beauvais is the departmental capital of the Oise and home to 60,000 people. The town originally had a Caroloingian cathedral, which was largely destroyed by a fire in 1225. The local church was adamant that its replacement should be one of the grandest constructions in France. However, the realisation of the clergy's ambitions was short-lived. Although aesthetically pleasing, the reconstruction was by no means architecturally sound and the building eventually collapsed. Nevertheless, the remaining structure makes an impressive sight and is the tallest gothic structure in existence. Underneath you will find the charming choir and transept, which have been carefully preserved.

France's best kept secret?

In the midst of one of France's most beautiful forests you'll find Compiegne, a delightful town that has long been a holiday spot favoured by French leaders. Compiegne is a popular day trip destination for Parisians, especially those looking for a place to hike, but otherwise, the town remains relatively tourist-free. The forests provide a perfect escape for nature lovers as the wildlife here is not at all inhibited by the presence of their Parisian visitors.

A rich history

In the southeast of the department you'll find Senlis, a romantic, medieval town with plenty to offer. Senlis' charming streets and rich architecture reflect the time when the town was popular with the French monarchy and the church and benefitted form the wealth bestowed on it by these wealthy benefactors. The picturesque Old Town once had 28 towers behind its ramparts to defend it but only 16 have survived to the present day. For the best views, head to the tranquil Jardin du Roy.

How to get there

The easiest and cheapest way to get to the Oise is to fly to Paris. If you would prefer to drive, your best option is to take the ferry to Dieppe. However, other ferry ports offering relatively easy access to the Oise are Calais, Le Havre and Cherbourg. The Channel Tunnel is, of course, another alternative.

Oise property prices

Good transport links and the proximity of Paris make property prices in the Oise slightly higher than the national average.

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The Oise is located in the south-west of the Picardy department.

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