Who are French Property Links?

An Introduction to the Team

Laure Peigné, Andrew Rowe,
David Frere-Smith and Jo Rhodes

French Property Links (FPL) - top portal for buying and selling property in France

French Property Links started on the internet in September 2000. The site has grown from humble beginnings to a point now where it has thousands of properties for sale in all areas of France, along with countless articles helping to demystify the French property market. FPL commonly appears top of the search engines for a wide range of terms and has a significant market share with around 6,000 visitors every day. The FPL team works hard to provide the very best advertising options for people wishing to sell French property, whether you're an agent or private seller. 

How we work

When an agent or private advertiser chooses to advertise their property with us we work flat out to provide a return on that investment. We know that we must generate sales otherwise the business won't succeed. So we are totally focused on that end result: getting enquiries and sales for our advertisers. To make sure we are on top of our game you'll see that our private advertising service includes a money back guarantee and our agent service provides a free trial. So the pressure is on us to get results.

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All properties available on FPL are offered directly by the seller (private or French estate agent). NOTE: We make no commission on sales - we fund the site by charging a small fee for advertising.

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The FPL Team

David Frere-Smith has owned a small house in Dinan, Brittany since 1990. He started FPL in September 2000. David is the Managing Director and is responsible for both organising the team and the technical development of the website.

Jo Rhodes joined in May 2006. Jo is Editor and is responsible for developing the content of the site. She's entirely focused on finding new subjects to write about and making sure that the articles you read are good quality, relevant and interesting.

Laure Peigné joined in May 2006 but has now returned back to Brittany. As Advertising Manager Laure provided support to our private advertisers by translating and preparing adverts for publication on the site. This role has now been taken over by Andrew (see below).

Andrew Rowe joined in October 2006. Having lived in both France and England he's fluent in French and English. Andrew is Customer Relationship Manager. This means he is first contact for all aspects of customer support. Andrew looks after our clients, making sure that they are informed about new features and are happy with our service. As well as looking after customer relations he has also taken over the Advertising Manager role.

The other side of business

Most businesses are set up with the hope that they will make a profit and generate enough revenue to sustain employers and shareholders. And some also want to make a contribution to try to improve things outside the business. We've been wanting to do that too. Since 2001 FPL has made a total of over £34,000 in contributions to Medecins Sans Frontier, Oxfam, Tearfund and Cancer Research. And these contributions have been maintained, even over the last few years, when we've been finding things pretty tough. We reckon that if we were on the other end of some of these charities, things would be tougher still - so we'd better try to keep our support in place.

Suggestions and comments always welcome

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We are Registered in the UK as a Limited company under the name of Financial Systems Limited. 

Our address in the UK

Financial Systems Limited
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Call us on 00 44 (0)1243 539119

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If YES then please contact the seller directly - find details on the property page. We don't have any further details at the FPL office.

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