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Cosne d'Allier Property Listings and Info

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Cosne d'Allier - a Bourbonnais market town

The town of Cosne d'Allier is a vibrant little market town that is located in the ancient region of the Bourbonnais, in central France. Modern maps place it in the department of the Allier, which is the northernmost department of the volcanic Auvergne region. Cosne d'Allier lies in a sweep of glorious countryside, on the confluence of three rivers and surrounded by deep cool forests.

All shops and services

Cosne d'Allier has a good range of shops and services, and this includes the convenience of supermarkets, making everyday life simple and economical. If you want tradition, however, be sure not to lie in bed too long on Tuesday mornings, when the market arrives in Cosne d'Allier and sets up its stalls all over town.

Market day in Cosne d'Allier

If you haven't experienced a French market, now is the time to start, but be warned, it is an addictive pastime! The sights, sounds and scents are a very pleasurable assault on the senses, and you will find it impossible not to be seduced by the fresh fruit and vegetables in their glossy splendour, the superb cheeses of the region, the wines and the fashions... take a large basket and prepare to return week after week!

Dining out

The Auvergne offers an excellent traditional gastronomy, and Cosne d'Allier itself has several good little restaurants and cafés where you can sample this. Cheeses feature heavily, as this volcanic region is excellent for cattle grazing and its fertile hills and lush pastures all help to produce some of France's most famous and delicious cheeses.

Sports heaven

The region is superb for sports enthusiasts with the wonderful countryside of rivers, lakes and forests inviting all sorts of activities from kayaking to hiking and pony trekking. The proliferation of oak forests offers a chance to try something different too... the active and daring among you may like to hook yourselves up to a safety harness and have a go at Acrobranche, a sport where you climb a tall tree and swing from tree to tree... rather like a monkey might! If this sounds a little too vertiginous for you, perhaps you might prefer the gentler but equally rewarding pastime of taking a course in wood carving.

Out and about

The famous spa town of Vichy is in the department, and is well worth a visit. You may also wish to take a trip to the towns of Montluçon, noted for its floral displays, and Moulins. The countryside is dotted with grand chateaux, pretty towns and villages too, as well as many lovely lakes and rivers.

How to get there

Unfortunately, the airport of Clermont Ferrand doesn't currently offer direct flights to the UK, so you will have to fly into Lyon, St Etienne, Tours or Limoges. Lyon is served by British Airways, Air France, easyJet and bmi; St Etienne by Ryanair; Tours by Ryanair; and Limoges by Ryanair and flybe. Paris is another option, a little further away but it has the advantage of easy links to services which will get you to your destination. The TGV travels from Paris to Lyons and Limoges, and if you are travelling by car you should look for the A71 auto route.

Property prices and availability in and around Cosne d'Allier

This is a great place to look for a bargain, as the region is little known to the foreign property market. It is gradually gaining in popularity with Parisians seeking second homes though, so it can only be a matter of time before the word is out and the prices begin to rise. There are some very interesting renovation projects to be found near Cosne d'Allier too, so if this is what you are looking for don't delay!

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Cosne d'Allier AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Cosne d'Allier?

Cosne d'Allier is located in the centre of France, in the Massif Centrale. It lies in the centre of the Allier department.

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Population: 2,407

Access: By air: Fly to Tours, Lyon, St Etienne, Limoges or Clermont Ferrand (currently from within France only.) By rail: The TGV runs to Lyon and Limoges, so you can link to this from Eurostar at Paris. By road: The A71 motorway runs close to Cosne d'Allier.

Economy: The economy is varied, with a blend of commerce, agriculture and industry.

Interesting fact: The traditional name for the region in which Cosne d'Allier lies is the Bourbonnais.

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