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Moulins Property Listings and Info

For buying and selling property in Moulins

A town rich in art and history

The historic town of Moulins is situated close to the River Allier and remains relatively undiscovered by British home buyers, yet it has much to offer to those prepared to take a closer look. Despite its name, Moulins is not famous so much for windmills as for its history as the homeland and ancient seat of the Dukes of Bourbon. Places of interest include the beautiful cathedral, the Jacquemart belfry, the Jardins de la Gare and the National Centre for Costumes and Stage Decorating.

The Jacquemart bell tower

The Jacquemart is arguably the town's greatest claim to fame .It is a 45 metre high belfry built in 1451-55 of pink sandstone. Fires have twice ravaged the belfry, once in 1655, and more seriously in 1946, when much of it was destroyed. The belfry is named after the original bellringer, Jacquemart, whose job it was to ring out every hour. These days, however, the bells are sounded by 4 automatons, named Jacquemart and Jacquette (the parents) and Jacquelin and Jacqueline, (the children). The bells ring every quarter of an hour.

Places to visit in and around Moulins

Other places worth visiting in Moulins include the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral, where you can see the famous triptych by the Master of Moulins, the Jardins de La Gare, the Pont Regemorts over the River Allier, and the Historic Quarter of the town, where you can also enjoy dining out.

Background information to Moulins

The region of the Auvergne, in which Moulins is found, is famous for its volcanic rocks, mineral waters and blue cheese. The climate is typical of central France, with generally mild winters and long warm summers. The landscape is a mixture of mountains and pretty farmland. The land is fertile, due to the underlying extinct volcanoes in the region.

How to get there

The central location of Moulins does mean that it's not the most accessible part of France by air, but it is close to the RN 7, and is only 4 hours from Paris by road. Rail links are also good, as it's en route from Paris to Lyon, via St Etienne.

Moulins property prices

Moulins is in a part of France in which it's still possible to pick up a real bargain. The property market has not yet reached the heights of the better-known regions, and there is a wide variety of property available - to suit all tastes and pockets. It is still possible to buy a country house in need of restoration for under 50,000 Euros, and even a highly sought after property such as a farmhouse with land and outbuildings can be found for less than 150,000 Euros.

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WHERE IS Moulins?

Moulins is set slightly to the North East of the department of Allier (03) in the Auvergne.

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Population: 22,000

Access: Centrally located on the mainline railway to Paris and close to Nevers which has the A77 motorway.

Economy: Mainly agricultural, although tourism is beginning to make an impact on the economy.

Interesting fact: In 1954, a UFO sighting was reported in Moulins.

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