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Mont Dore - Belle Epoque spa town

Mont Dore is a spa town and ski resort that is found in the mountains of the volcanic Massif Central area of southern-central France. The town is elegant in a slightly faded fashion, with many grand Belle Epoque era buildings and a sense of past glories... but not all its glories are past. Mont Dore is a lively centre for skiing in winter and for summer mountain sports such as climbing and mountain biking, and the long established spa draws visitors all year round.

Stunning setting

Mont Dore occupies a seat in the midst of some truly stunning mountain scenery, and its ever changing appearance (according to the seasons) will provide not only views that are never boring, but also suggest different activities whenever you are in town! It is also interesting to note that it is here that the mighty Dordogne River has its birthplace, formed where the Dore River meets the Dogne.

Town life

Mont Dore attracts visitors all year round, so there is always a buzz to the place, and the bars, restaurants and shops (of which there are many) remain open all year round. Dining out here is a wonderful experience, once again the menus varying with the seasons. In winter, there will be plentiful opportunities to try the traditional dishes of the mountains, rich with cheese and cream and aromatic with garlic, whereas in summer you will find refreshing regional salads topped with delicious Puy lentils. Mont Dore has a wonderful and eclectic collection of shops, with everything from supermarkets to sports hire shops, from high fashion to arts, crafts and tourist tat on offer.

Out and about

Getting out and about will certainly involve sports for many of the town's visitors, who can variously enjoy skiing, (Mont Dore is notable for some hair raising off piste opportunities for the very experienced and daring skiers only!), mountain climbing, mountain biking and trail walking amongst many other sports. If you aren't feeling sporty though, or have discovered some aching muscles after a little too much unaccustomed activity, you can pay a visit to the spa and take the waters, said to be excellent for curing rheumatism, asthma and general malaise.

Places to visit

Places to visit include the bustling city of Clermont Ferrand, or stay nearer to home and see the Puy de Sancy, the highest mountain peak in the centre of France, and the spectacular waterfall, the Grand Cascade. There is also a lovely lake near the town, le Lac de Guery.

How to get there

Unfortunately, the airport of Clermont Ferrand doesn't offer direct flights to the UK, so you will have to fly into Lyon, St Etienne or Limoges. Lyon is served by Air France, British Airways, easyJet and bmi; St Etienne by Ryanair; and Limoges by Ryanair and flybe. Paris is another option, situated a little further away but has the advantage of easy links to services which will get you to the capital of the department, Clermont Ferrand. If travelling by road you will find Mont Dore from the A89 auto route.

Property prices and availability in and around Mont Dore

The Puy de Dôme is a little known department in the foreign property market, so it can be an excellent place to find a bargain. At the higher end of the market the area offers some unusual and beautiful character properties.

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WHERE IS Mont Dore?

Mont Dore is located in the heart of France, on the Massif Central. It lies in the south-west of the Puy de Dôme department.

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Population: 1,682

Access: By air: Fly to Lyon, St Etienne or Limoges. By rail: The TGV stops at Clermont Ferrand making the train a possible choice. By road: The A89 motorway is the closest major road to the town.

Economy: Ski and spa tourism are the main source of revenue for Mont Dore.

Interesting fact: Most people consider only the Alps when thinking about extreme off piste skiing, but there are some exciting possibilities for expert skiers at Mont Dore.

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