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Autun Property Listings and Info

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A town of charm and history

The town of Autun, in the lovely wine region of Burgundy, is a place positively bursting with history and charm. The old streets wind a crooked path around the old town, as it tumbles down a hillside and looks out onto the delightful artificial lake of Plan D'Eau du Vallon. There are many Roman remains still visible in and around the town, including a 27-metre high tower, thought to be either a tomb or a cenotaph, and the remains of a massive theatre, the largest Roman theatre in ancient Gaul. Here, in July and August, local people re-enact the history of the town in spectacular costumed performances, which are well worth attending!

Lots to do and see

Visitors to Autun will find plenty to do and see in the town and in the surrounding areas. Autun has museums, shops and restaurants, and as it lies in the heart of the greatest region in France for fine foods and wines, the restaurants must really be visited! Lovers of the arts will enjoy a visit to the Museum of Rolin, which houses some very interesting pieces including a naked (and reportedly very sensuous!) representation of Eve, by Gislebertus. There is also a fine cathedral, the Cathedral of Saint Lazare, and a wall thought to have been part of a temple dedicated to Mars.

Water sports and more…

Vallon's lake, which lies just below the town on the east side, is an artificial lake which offers superb facilities for water sports. Here you can try your hand at windsurfing, sailing and canoeing, and of course you can swim, fish or laze around in the sun! Aficionados of other sports, such as golf or horse-riding will also find that Autun makes a great base for them, as you only have to venture a little way from the town to access these activities.


Finally, when you are in Burgundy it really is essential to take a short drive around to see the famous vineyards which produce France's very finest wines. You can take tours around the vineyards and see the processes which make the wines, and of course no such visit is complete without the best part… the tasting!

How to get there

The best way to reach Autun is probably by rail. Take a TGV to Le Creuseot from Paris, from where you can catch a local bus into the heart of Autun. Alternatively, there is also a slower and less frequent but cheaper train service to Autun via Nevers and Etang-sur Arroux (also via Dijon depending on where you are coming from). This service works well and is a more relaxing way of getting to Autun. Travelling by road is straightforward too, as you can take the A6 auto route for much of the journey. Air travel is possible, but the nearest airports with flights from the UK are Lyons and Basle Mulhouse, both of which demand considerable further travelling to reach the town.

Property prices and availability in and around Autun

As Autun is not yet over popular with British and foreign buyers, property here can represent an excellent investment. Prospective buyers seeking quality property in a beautiful region of France would be exceptionally well advised to take a look in Autun.

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1. A question about bus schedules (added 15/10/09)...

I saw from your website that there is a bus from the train station at Le Creusot to Autun, but I am unable to find any further information regarding the bus or bus schedule. Can you tell me how I could get information regarding the bus?

Jo Rhodes, editor of French Property Links replies...

Thanks for contacting us. For further information on the bus schedules to Autun, you may find the following site helpful:


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Autun is located in the southernmost department in the Burgundy region of France, which lies to the east of central France. The town is found in the north of the department.

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Population: 16,500

Access: By rail: Take a TGV to Le Creuseot from Paris, from where you can catch a local bus into the heart of Autun. By road: Take the A6 autoroute for much of the journey.

Economy: Organic food products, food and wines.

Interesting fact: The town of Autun was originally named Augustodunum, after the Roman founder, Augustus.

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