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Auxerre Property Listings and Info

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Capital of the Yonne

Auxerre, capital city of the Yonne department of northern Burgundy, is not as well known as it deserves to be amongst British property seekers. It is a beautiful old city, rich in cultural and historical treasures, and also large and economically successful. Yet it retains the heart and soul of a rural market town. Auxerre is a delightful place to spend time, whether it be as a permanent home or a place to kick back and enjoy a break in one of France's most fascinating areas.

Magnificent cathedral

Auxerre has many wonderful sights and places of beauty and interest, but you really must admire the Gothic-styled Cathedral of St Etienne. Its three doorways are famed for their bas relief decoration, and the cathedral is also said to sport some of the finest stained glass windows in France. Other buildings worth a look include the Abbey of St Germaine, which has some of the most ancient frescoes in Europe, and also houses the tombs of the Bishops of Auxerre. Auxerre has a lovely clock tower in the town with an unusual and very eye catching golden clock, and this is another focal point for visitors, especially those with cameras!

Half-timbered houses and winding streets

Auxerre has its old parts of town which add massively to its appeal. The little streets wind and curl their way around, bordered by ancient half-timbered houses which simply ooze character and history. The attractive squares make an ideal choice for stopping to take refreshment at the numerous cafés and bars, after which you might like to visit the natural history museum, or perhaps the Passenger Barge House, a lovely old building which frequently houses art exhibitions.

Grand old wines

Auxerre lies in an ancient wine region, and lovers of Chablis will find themselves in the heartland of this grandest of white wines. The city is surrounded by vineyards, and you can spot some famous names on the roadside signs as you drive around the countryside. The River Yonne also is a defining feature of the landscape around Auxerre, and makes a lovely backdrop to the picture. For the best views of Auxerre, stand on the Pont Paul Bert... the bridge where it is said that the view of the town is so good that any photographs taken from here will look as though they were done by a professional!

Out and about

It will take some time to exhaust everything that the city has to offer, as once you have seen the cultural and historical sights there are lots of excellent shops and restaurants to enjoy too... but if you feel ready to leave the town and explore a little further you will find yourself quite spoiled for choice.

Activities galore

There are the great vineyards to visit, and excellent wine caves where you can taste the local wines and learn a little about their production too. The river offers the choice of relaxing walks or cycle rides on the banks, or the delights of a gentle cruise along the calm waters. The area also caters for golfers, horse riders and fishermen, so there is no need to forgo your favourite hobbies when in Auxerre.

How to get there

To reach Auxerre it is probably easiest to fly to Paris, which is within relatively easy reach by road. You can choose from numerous airlines and numerous departure points. Paris also offers excellent rail links to the region.

Property prices and availability in and around Auxerre

Auxerre, despite being situated in one of the most elegant and refined regions of France, and having such a wealth of culture and beauty, is less expensive than you might think. This is due to the fact that it remains undiscovered, for the most part, by the British house buying public. If you haven't yet explored this area, take a trip to Auxerre and take a look at the quality of properties on the market... it could be just what you are looking for!

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WHERE IS Auxerre?

Auxerre is located in eastern central France, in the centre of the Yonne department.

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Population: 37,790

Access: By air: Fly to Paris with a choice of airlines and departure points. By rail: From Paris there are a great number of trains leaving for Burgundy regularly, so rail travel is a viable option.

Economy: The economy of Auxerre is a typical big city blend of commerce and industry, specifically in the production of food, wine, woodwork and batteries.

Interesting fact: Auxerre is pronounced "Oh Zair".

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