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Corbigny Property Listings and Info

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Corbigny - a cattle town

Corbigny is a very pretty town that lies in the west of Burgundy in eastern central France. Set in the rural department of Nièvre, Corbigny is best known for its cattle and the town still hosts an important cattle market. The Canal du Nivernais, said to be Burgundy's prettiest waterway, meanders through soft, rolling landscapes which include lush cattle pastures and cool dark woodlands, and passes various chateaux on its journey from Clamecy to Corbigny. It is a highly recommended way of approaching the town for a first visit!

Arts in the abbey

Corbigny's old abbey, the Abbaye de Corbigny, has been lovingly restored and turned into a thriving centre for the arts. Here in this atmospheric venue, especially in the summer season, many acclaimed musical events are held, and the centre is certainly a great resource for the area's musicians and lovers of the arts in general. The Abbey isn't the only historical feature the town, and a day spent wandering around looking at various points of interest will be a day well spent. Take in the Fountain of Saint Agathe, the old wash house, the Madeleine Tower, the Church of St Seine... and a host of other fascinating nooks and crannies of this traditional Burgundian town.

Shopping and dining

The historical bits are only part of the story, as Corbigny has a vibrant modern life going on as well. The town is economically thriving, with a cattle breeding industry that has sustained it well for many years. Corbigny offers its residents all the accoutrements of everyday life in a very pleasant fashion. From schools to health care, it's all here, as are a good number of useful and attractive shops and restaurants.

Out and about

The canal is a great place to begin any exploration of the wider area, and sailing down it is perhaps the most pleasant way to view the surrounding countryside and the pretty towns and villages along its route. Clamecy is a lovely town, well worth a visit, and the departmental capital of Nevers is within easy reach. The region is also well supplied with chateaux, many of which are open to the public, and there are also vineyards and wine domains to discover and enjoy a tasting or two!

Sports on offer

If you like to get outdoors and take part in some sporting activities, you could hardly have chosen a better area. Burgundy is noted for its lovely countryside that welcomes horse-riders, walkers and cyclists, and there are all the usual sports of tennis, golf and petanque within reach too. The region is also said to be the best place in France to try hot air ballooning… so what are you waiting for?

How to get there

To reach Corbigny you may choose to fly to Paris, which is within a reasonable driving distance, or to Lyon in the south, which is a little closer. There is a regional airport at Dijon, but this does not offer direct flights from the UK. Both Paris and Lyon are served by Air France, British Airways, easyJet and bmi, Paris also being served by additional airlines. The train however is a good alternative to flying, with a station at Corbigny itself making this type of travel easy. If driving, you will find Corbigny between the A6 and A77.

Property prices and availability in and around Corbigny

Corbigny has some interesting properties currently on the market, and these represent surprisingly good value for money in an area not noted for cheap property.

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Corbigny AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Corbigny?

Corbigny is located in eastern central France. It lies slightly to the north-east of the centre of the Nièvre department.

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Population: 1,709

Access: By air: Fly to Paris or Lyon. By rail: The TGV runs from Paris to Nevers. From here you can connect to a local train to the station in Corbigny. By road: Corbigny lies between the A6 and A77 auto routes.

Economy: The economy is based around cattle breeding and the forestry industry. Corbigny also has a major cattle market which is significant to its economy.

Interesting fact: Acclaimed musical events and concerts are often held in the town's restored abbey.

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