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An unspoilt environment

The Haute-Saône is a peaceful, rural community in the west of the Franche-Comte region. Nearly half of the land in the department is used for arable farming, while a third is covered by deep forests. There are also over 1000 lakes throughout the department.

An industrial heritage

In the 19th century, the Haute-Saône was one of the most industrialised areas in France. Many of the industries that existed then, such as lace making and glass blowing, are still to be found today in the department. There is also evidence of an even earlier period of economic prosperity, which can be detected in the churches, castles and town squares in the department's towns and villages.

Take to the water

Vesoul is a charming town, set in a pleasant valley, with a lake and a tributary to the Saône River nearby. Visitors can stroll around the delightful old town and admire its intriguing old buildings with their Gothic facades. Watersports are very popular around the area. Three kilometres away, the Lac de Vesoul has been turned into a recreational park.

Sample some wine

Champlitte, a pretty town with a vineyard backdrop, is the main focus of the Haute-Saône's wine industry. A festival for St-Vincent (the patron saint of wine producers) has been held in the town annually since the 18th century. Make sure you visit the Musée des Arts et Traditions populaires, located inside the Chateau, with its impressive collection of artefacts taken from around the department.

Number one for beauty

The town of Pesmes was built between the 13th and 18th centuries. It is a town that suffered badly from the effects of war and revolution over the ages. However, in spite of its eventful past, today Pesmes is generally considered to be one of France's prettiest villages with lavishly decorated houses and a web of narrow streets to explore.

How to get there

The nearest airports with direct and regular flights from the UK are to be found at Basel/Muhouse and Geneva. Another option, if you'd rather go by land, is to take Rail Europe from London to Dijon. This'll take you a mere six hours.

Haute-Saône property prices

Property prices are increasing like much of the rest of the country, yet you can still find real value for money in Haute-Saône.

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WHERE IS Haute-Saône?

The Haute-Saône is located in the north of the Franche-Comte region.

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