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Never say Nevers

Nevers is the capital city of the Nièvre department in the very heart of beautiful Burgundy. It is a city which should be on everybody's must see list. It is elegant and important, both in historical terms and as a thriving part of contemporary French society. And its position in the east of central France makes it an ideal base for anyone wishing to experience the very special lifestyle that is found in Burgundy. The city lies amidst the river plains and chateaux for which the region is famed, and is set in picturesque style on the confluence of the Rivers Loire and Nièvre.

Nevers's Ducal Palace

Nevers is a city of the ancient Dukes of Burgundy, and one of its important landmarks today is the old and very elegant Ducal Palace. It is an imposing sight, with towers not only at either end of the façade, but also one in the centre! This cream-coloured and slate-roofed building commands a position of authority in the town, and has exceptional views out over the river from the front. It now serves duty as the Courts of Justice and the home of an interesting ceramics museum, the latter reflecting the town's importance in the ceramics industry.

Saints remembered

The other extremely significant buildings in Nevers is the Cathedral of St Cyr and Ste Juliette. Dedicated to both saints, this cathedral incorporates both Gothic and Romanesque styles of architecture and interior decoration. Finally, the Church of St Gildard at the Convent of Nevers, is the final resting place of St Bernadette, the nun who as a young girl saw the famous vision of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes.

From the riverside up...

Nevers rises majestically upwards from the riverside in a series of narrow, winding streets. The river is spanned by two bridges, a multi-arched stone bridge and an old iron railway bridge. As you leave the riverside and make your way up through the older parts of town, you will find some interesting little shops and cafés.

Plenty to do in Nevers

Nevers also has some huge shopping malls and hypermarkets situated in the modern manner, outside the town itself, and you can avail yourself of these facilities to find almost anything you require. Meanwhile there are museums, earthenware workshops, parks and gardens to explore, and various music festivals to attend should you so wish, including an International Jazz Festival.

Wining and dining

Burgundy is known and acclaimed for its superb gastronomy and also its wines, said to be among the finest in France if not in the world. There are so many opportunities to sample this fare in the city that you could spend years trying to experience them all... but what a great idea! Nevers does, of course, have some superb restaurants alongside the informal and fast food joints found in most large cities and there will certainly be something to suit everyone here.

Magny Cours Motor Racing Circuit

If you have ever found it difficult to persuade the gentleman members of the family to visit these great historical cities, there should be no such problems with Nevers. This is the newly crowned top town of French motor racing, and home to the Magny Cours race track, where the Formula One Grand Prix is held, along with the motorcycling Grand Prix and also the exciting 24-hour long Bol d'Or. Car and motorcycle enthusiasts will be fascinated... but bear in mind that it does get very busy close to the track at race times.

Out and about

If motor sports aren't your thing, then there are plenty of other activities close to Nevers. Play golf, go fishing, swim, try canoeing, try a little wine tasting (purely educational of course) or browse the factory shops for porcelain and earthenware produced in the town. The countryside of Burgundy is lovely, and many need no more than to enjoy gentle riverside walks in the soft, warm and pleasant climate which is found in Nevers for much of the year.

How to get there

There is no airport close to the town, but you can fly to Paris from many places in the UK. Paris Charles de Gaulle is served by Air France, British Airways, bmi, bmibaby, flybe, easyJet, Jet2, Thomsonfly and Aer Lingus, while Paris Beauvais is served by Ryanair. The drive to Nevers from Paris is only around two hours along the A6 and A77 auto routes, making this quite a reasonable mode of travel. Rail travel is another possible option. Eurostar connects easily to trains to the city, as there are fifteen trains a day to Nevers from Gare de Lyon.

Property prices and availability in and around Nevers

The good news is, that of all the departments in Burgundy, Nièvre tends to have the best property bargains. Lesser known than the towns of the famed wine producing regions close by, you can find some lovely properties both in and outside the city. Don't forget too, that at the times of the Grand Prix races, you can command a really excellent rate of rental for desirable properties, should you not be in residence yourself at the time!

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WHERE IS Nevers?

Nevers is situated slightly to the east of central France, on the confluence of the Rivers Loire and Nièvre. It lies in the west of the Nièvre department.

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Population: 43,082

Access: By air: Fly to Paris with a good choice of airline and departure points from the UK and Ireland. By rail: The Eurostar links easily to the services to Nevers.

Economy: The economy is mixed, with both industry (principally earthenware and porcelain, manufacture of agricultural tooling, production of chemical manures, boots and shoes) and commerce (iron, steel, wine, grain, wool and livestock).

Interesting fact: Nevers is famous for being the home town of the French Formula One Grand Prix, the Moto Grand Prix and the prestigious 24-hour motorcycle race, the Bol d'Or.

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