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Nuits Saint Georges Property Listings and Info

For buying and selling property in Nuits Saint Georges

Nuits Saint Georges - an illustrious wine town

Nuits St Georges is the name evocative of the finest red wines in the world, a name that conjures up images of fine dining, elegant vineyards and an unsurpassed quality of life. The town, you will be pleased to hear, is every bit as enticing as the wines. Historic and interesting, Nuits St Georges is full of delightful, unexpected corners, of fascinating monuments and charming old streets and houses. It is so famous that the crew of the space mission Apollo 15 named a crater on the moon after the town!

History to discover

There is plenty of history to discover in the town, and there are a good number of sites and buildings worth seeing. The belfry is one such building, being a 17th century guard tower with the later addition of a bust of the sculptor Paul Cadet, one of Nuits St George's famous sons. Next, add to your sight seeing tour the market hall... better still, see that on a Friday when it will be full of vibrant life as the weekly market takes place.

More sites to see…

See the archaeological excavations at Bolards, visit the museum, the 17th century town hall, the Fermerot door (an ancient gateway in the fortifications of the old town), the churches of St Symphorien and St Denis, the Arquebuse Gardens (the lovely so called "English" gardens of the town hall), and perhaps you may also wish to take a look at the Place Monge, where there is an unusual and intriguing feature. Just near the square you will see a fish sculpted into the wall, and the story is that this is the level marker to show how high the flood waters used to rise before the engineer Fleury solved the problem by canalising the river.

A modern buzz...

As well as all its charm and history, Nuits St Georges has a modern buzz thanks to its thriving economy and the commercial success of its wines. This brings a more cosmopolitan and forward looking feel to the town than is found in many otherwise similar French towns, and ensures that in Nuits St Georges you really can experience the best of both worlds. The town is well equipped with shops and services, and is also situated mid-way between Beaune and Dijon, so access to the big cities is excellent.

Wining and dining

Well, of course! Wining and dining are every bit as important to the life of this town as you would expect, and if these are high on your list of pleasures then you have come to the right place. Nuits St Georges has a good selection of superb restaurants with equally superb wine lists... so go ahead and enjoy it. If there is anywhere in France that the gastronomy and wines are so celebrated, it is in Nuits St Georges.

Out and about

Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy, is a great city, and also a good place to discover the best wine estates. Trips and tastings are on offer everywhere, and every aspect of the wine trade is there for you to see. You can watch the work in the vineyards, learn about the harvesting and maturing processes, enjoy tastings and finally take home the wines of your choice. The "mustard" town of Dijon is also well worth a trip, and no doubt you will want to bring home some of its tasty famous produce too!

Sports and leisure

The region is full of sporting possibilities, and locally you will have no problems accessing golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, great walking, cycling and horse-riding trails.

How to get there

If you want to fly to get to Nuits St Georges, you should take a flight to Lyon, St Etienne, Geneva or perhaps Paris. You will then need to take a train or hire a car to reach the town. Lyon is served by Air France, British Airways, easyJet and bmi; St Etienne by Ryanair; Geneva by British Airways, Air France, easyJet, flybe, Jet2 and Aer Lingus; and Paris by many airlines, too numerous to mention. Driving is a good option, the roads are excellent and you can see all the great wine estates taking over the landscapes as you get close to Nuits St Georges. You can access the town from the A31 road. Finally, rail travel is a great choice as not only is there a TGV station at Beaune, but also a local train link to Nuits St Georges itself.

Property prices and availability in and around Nuits St Georges

Property in and near Nuits St Georges is rarely cheap, but is usually of excellent quality and holds its value well. The region is well known and very desirable to many nationalities, and there will always be a wine trade and accompanying tourist trade to keep demand for rental properties high.

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Nuits Saint Georges AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Nuits Saint Georges?

Nuits St Georges is located in the centre-east of France. It lies in the south of the Côte d'Or department.

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Population: 5,573

Access: By air: Fly to Paris, Lyon, St Etienne or Geneva. By rail: There is a railway station in town, and this links to a TGV station at nearby Beaune so rail travel is an excellent choice. By road: Nuits Saint Georges is located near the A31 auto route.

Economy: The economy is concerned with fine wines and tourism.

Interesting fact: A moon crater was named after the town by the astronauts of Apollo 15.

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