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A pretty town close to the Burgundy Canal

The town of Pouilly en Auxois lies close to the Burgundy Canal, near the centre of the Côte d'Or department in the Burgundy region. Pouilly en Auxois is extremely pretty, with a light, clean appearance and a lively centre. Fortunate in its natural surroundings, the town offers excellent access to the great vineyards of the Burgundy region, to the Morvan National Park, and to the Canal itself.

Everything you require…

The town began life as little more than a castle on a hilltop, and although the castle remains today, the main town has now spread down into the valley below. Pouilly en Auxois offers just about everything you require for everyday life and a lot more besides. There are supermarkets, shops, doctors, dentists, banks… and the town also boasts what is reputed to be the oldest ironmongers shop in France! There is a lively social scene in the town, with plenty of bars and cafés.

Dining in Pouilly en Auxois

The restaurants, as you would expect from a region which is renowned for its fine gastronomy, are quite superb. It is hard to find a bad one in the town, or indeed, to make a poor choice from the menu, but if you want to take some local advice you could do worse than to try the Hotel de la Poste, which offers a particularly tasty regional cuisine. One dish which is definitely worth trying is the delicious and unusual pike fillet with leeks.

Wine tasting

Wines, it goes without saying, are excellent and abundant. This region of France produces some of the country's finest wines, and not only can you enjoy these with your dinner in Pouilly en Auxois, but you can also take the short trip to the vineyards and direct Ventes and see for yourself how these fabulous wines are produced. There are numerous opportunities to attend wine tasting sessions, and to purchase a case or two of your favourites.

Cutting the mustard

Once you have explored the town of Pouilly en Auxois, you may consider taking a look at the lovely and vibrant city of Dijon, famous for the dark-coloured and delicious mustard which carries its name. There is, of course, much more to Dijon than this, and it is certainly worth a few day trips to enjoy the city and discover all it has to offer.

Sports and leisure

One thing you won't be in Pouilly en Auxois is bored. There are so many things to do in and around the town that you will probably find yourself spoiled for choice. For details of local events, festivals, concerts, and exhibitions, pay a visit to the tourist office which is located in the intriguing old Round Tower, with its 1,200 pigeon holes! There is usually plenty going on, particularly in the summer season. You may wish to take a leisurely boat trip on the canal, which is a lovely and relaxing way to discover the area. Or perhaps you would prefer to be more active and play a round or two of golf on one of the two nearby golf courses. Horse-riding, swimming, cycling and fishing are all available locally too.

How to get there

Reaching Pouilly by air means taking a flight to Lyon airport, as this is the nearest airport offering direct flights to and from the UK. You can fly with British Airways, Air France, easyJet, bmibaby or bmi, from various airports around the UK. It is then possible to take a domestic flight to Dijon. Rail travel is simple, as there is a station at Dijon with a TGV link to Paris. Finally, Pouilly en Auxois lies close to the A6 autoroute, for those who need to drive to the town.

Property prices and availability in and around Pouilly en Auxois

Property in the Côte d'Or is on the expensive side, but property quality here is usually very good. There are many different types of property on the market, around Pouilly en Auxois, the most sought after being large country properties for renovation.

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Pouilly en Auxois AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Pouilly en Auxois?

The town of Pouilly en Auxois lies in eastern central France, slightly to the south-west of the centre of the Côte d'Or department.

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Population: 1,502

Access: By air: Fly into Lyon with Air France, BA, bmi, easyJet or bmibaby. By rail: You can travel by rail from Paris to Dijon. By road: The town is near the A6 autoroute.

Economy: The economy revolves around wine and tourism.

Interesting fact: Pouilly en Auxois is famous for boasting the oldest ironmongers shop in France!


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