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Saint Fargeau Property Listings and Info

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Saint Fargeau - historic chateau town

Saint Fargeau is a town that lies in the beautiful and affluent Burgundy region of central France. Set in the northern department of the Yonne, Saint Fargeau glories in a landscape that marries deep mysterious forests with elegant vineyards and peaceful inland waterways, and celebrates its own rich history and culture with a superb chateau.

Château of Saint Fargeau - classical beauty

The Château of Saint Fargeau has an impressive exterior, with six towers and pentagonal shape, but arguably, it is in the interior where the real beauty of this building lies. For years it was home of the exiled Anne Marie Louise d'Orleans, cousin of Louis XIV, who commissioned the renowned architect Le Vau to work on the interior walls of the castle to make it perhaps the most exquisite example of the French classical period.

Town of character

Saint Fargeau is a town full of character, all typical of its region. Many of the houses still display the external timbers and straw insulated walls that not only speak of times long gone but also which cast a magical appeal on the town. There are other period features to see as well, such as the old wash house, or lavoir, where the women of the town would take the laundry to wash, and where they would no doubt catch up with all the gossip at the same time. Then there is the bell tower, the original gateway to the fortified city of old, and the beautiful Church of Saint Ferréol which has an impressive slate spire that soars into the skyline. Finally, you must see the amazing wall paintings depicting the passion of Christ in the Saint Anne Chapel. To gain entry to the chapel you need to hand over an ID card at the tourist office and they will furnish you with the keys.

Shopping and dining

The town is well equipped with shops and services, and supplies most everyday requirements. The town is also uncommonly well supplied with excellent restaurants, with everything from a "salon de thé" to a full blown restaurant. For a smallish town there is certainly plenty of choice when it comes to wining and dining, but then this is Burgundy, capital of the world of first class food and wine! If you are seeking something a little out of the ordinary in the way of evening entertainment, try the spectacular sound and light show that takes place in the town every Friday and Saturday night in peak summer.

Out and about

The Yonne offers many possibilities for further exploration, and there are lots of activities in which to take part too. The area is wonderful for walkers and cyclists, and there are some lovely off road tracks for horse-riders to enjoy. Near Saint Fargeau you can also hire a barge to sail leisurely down the canals of the region, or even go hot air ballooning!

Places to visit

Places to put on the "must see" list include the wine town of Chablis (great for tasting and learning about the great wines of the region), Auxerre, Vezelay, Tonnerrre and the little mediaeval village of Noyers. There are some grand and historic chateaux to discover as well as many beautiful towns and villages. Or why not simply take a drive and enjoy the glorious Burgundian countryside.

How to get there

You can fly to either Paris or to Dijon (although there are no direct flights from the UK to Dijon) to get to Saint Fargeau. Paris, of course, is served by many airlines including Air France, British Airways, bmibaby, flybe, easyJet, Jet2 and Aer Lingus. Meanwhile rail and road links from the capital are excellent, so it is easier to get to the town than you may first think. Tonnerre, not far from Saint Fargeau, had a TGV station, while the A77 is the closest major road.

Property prices and availability in and around Saint Fargeau

Saint Fargeau lies in the Yonne department, and is more reasonably priced in general than the better known Côte d'Or department to the south. There are many quality properties on the market near Saint Fargeau, and prices are likely to rise in the region as it becomes more sought after by foreign buyers who have been forced to look outside the very expensive central Burgundy region.

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Saint Fargeau AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Saint Fargeau?

Saint Fargeau is located in eastern central France, in the rich and historic region of Burgundy. It lies in the west of the Yonne department.

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Population: 1,814

Access: By air: Fly to Paris. By rail: From Paris there are a great number of trains leaving for Burgundy regularly, so rail travel is a viable option. By road: The town is located on the D965 near the A77 auto route.

Economy: The economy of Saint Fargeau is well supported by a number of significant and sizeable industries.

Interesting fact: The town has produced several notable personalities. One of the more celebrated is the lyricist Robert Gall.

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