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A dynamic landscape

The Saône-et-Loire is encircled by three mountain ranges: the Jura, the Morvan and the Massif Central. The Loire river runs south to north through the department forming its western border whilst the Saône flows in the opposite direction through the east of the department. To the west of Saône you'll find an expansive and relatively flat landscape where as the east is home to the department's highest peaks.

Outdoor adventures

The vast and unpopulated area of woodland and lakes in the north of the department was a stronghold for the resistance during the Second World War. It has now been designated a national park and offers a range of activities both on water and dry land to keep people of all ages busy.

Views to Mont Blanc

The capital of the department, Maçon is in the very south of the department, near the border with the Rhône-Alpes region. It is located in the heart of the Maçonnais, a top quality wine-producing area. This is a pretty city whose streets are always adorned with an array of colourful flowers. The Cathedral St-Vincent, formerly known as the Eglise St Napoleon, is an incredible sight. Ever since it was attacked during the Revolution, it has remained perched on just its two remaining support towers. If you go up to the top on a clear day you can see as far as Mont Blanc.

Capital of Charollais

Charolles is just to the north-west of Maçon. It is a peaceful town set within gentle countryside. It is best known for its distinctive and highly-sought after breed of white cattle. The counts of Charollais once called this town their home, as evidenced by the opulent architecture of the town centre. The town hall is located in one of the two towers that, along with the 14th century castle, dominate the skyline.

Pick of the produce

Another town dominated by agriculture is Louhans in the east of the department. Butter, eggs and poultry are all produced here and can be picked up at the local market. The town becomes a noisy hive of activity when the chicken market is taking place. At all other times, the centre makes for a relaxing stroll with its many archaic buildings.

The rise and fall and rise

Autun in the north of the department is a good place to base yourself whilst visiting the national park. It had its heyday during the Roman period when the ramparts, amphitheatre, aquaducts and two theatres were all constructed. There is also a temple, which most experts now believe was dedicated to Mars. The town subsequently went through a turbulent period when Barbarian tribes attacked it. However, it reestablished itself in the Middle Ages as a prosperous and important town once again. The Cathedral was constructed during this period but most of the charming buildings that line the city centre date from the 17th and 18th centuries.

How to get there

The nearest airport to the Saône-et-Loire is Lyon in the Rhône-Alpes. Lyon airport is serviced by a range of budget and premium airlines from the UK. Another option if you are travelling from the UK is to take the Eurostar all the way from London to Dijon. If you want to travel by ferry then the best port to arrive in would be Dieppe.

Saône-et-loire property prices

The region has failed to entice many foreign buyers, which is surprising considering its affordable properties and high standard of living. The major wine producing areas, such as the one in the north of the department, are where the most expensive properties are located. Autun is recommended for its reasonably priced properties in a highly desirable area. However, throughout the department, there are numerous possibilities for development.

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WHERE IS Saône-et-loire?

The Saône-et-Loire is located in the far south of the Burgundy region of central France.

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