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Saulieu Property Listings and Info

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An old walled town in historic Burgundy

The lovely old town of Saulieu, situated on the edge of the Morvan National Park in beautiful Burgundy, dates back to Roman times. It was originally known as Sedelocus, and this name can be found on the tombs and engravings which can still be seen in the hills around the modern day town. Saulieu is set in the rolling hills and beautiful woodland of the Côte-d'Or department and the town has a gastronomic reputation worthy of its location. It also is friendly and welcomes all, from tourists and visitors to those who decide to make Saulieu their home.

A sense of history

There are some old buildings and monuments in the town which pay tribute to its history. There is the Romanesque church, Saint Andoche Basilica, which dates from around 1130. The tomb of Saint Andoche can also be seen in Saulieu, and there is the cemetery of the Saint Saturnine Church which contains some Gallo-Roman graves. If you enjoy slightly unusual museums, you will like the Musée Francois Pompon, which not only showcases the sculptor's famous animal sculptures, but also has an intriguing collection of folklore artefacts from the area.

An important gastronomic tradition

The town of Saulieu has an important gastronomic reputation to uphold. Much of the town's economy is based on fine food and wine, so it is an ideal place for those who like to indulge their taste buds with the very best that Burgundy has to offer! In May there is the gastronomic food fair or Jounées Gourmandes du Grand Morvan, and on the third weekend in August, the town serves up a great festival of meats and other local products, known as the Charolais Festival or Fête du Charolais. This is widely attended by gourmets from many countries.

In town… and out…

Although it is not a particularly large town, Saulieu has most of the modern amenities you will require. There is a railway station, a hospital, a chemist and a cinema. There are two hypermarkets, banks, schools and a great selection of restaurants, including the three-star, well known "La Côte d'Or", founded by Bernard Loiseau. These restaurants offer not just fine foods, but also some of the best French wines. Nuits St Georges, Chablis, Côte de Beaune and many other well known and highly respected names are produced locally. The oldest café in Burgundy, "Le Parisien" is also found here. Meanwhile Saturday is market day in the main square.

A plethora of shops

Shops include a wonderful Fromagerie, a butcher's and of course the essential bakery, not to mention clothes, shoe and hardware shops. Should you require more, then a trip to Dijon is no hardship! Other towns that are worth a look if you have a little time to spare, are Mont Saint Jean, Pouilly-en-Auxois and Semur-en-Auxois.

Occupying your time

There is plenty to do to occupy your time in and around Saulieu. One of the most obvious suggestions to make would be that you should visit the vineyards of the famous Burgundy wines, and learn a little about the processes by which these great wines are produced. Then, of course, there is the really good part… the tasting! There are also some good sporting opportunities around Saulieu, so try your hand at horse-riding, fishing, cycling, walking or golf. In the immediate vicinity there is a riding school, a mountain bike centre, a campsite, open air swimming pool, tennis courts and sports centre. Free French lessons are available at the Community Centre, where you can also practice yoga and partake in a variety of other activities.

Festivals and fairs

Other things to occupy you time might be the numerous events that are held in Saulieu. Apart from the Charolais cattle show and the food fair, there the "Nuits Cajun" Music Festival and the Book Fair. Then there are car shows, craft fairs and quad and motorbike events to attend too, so occupying your time in Saulieu should not be a problem.

How to get there

Dijon is the nearest airport which has a new service operated by Eastern Airways, flying from Southampton. Other than this, to reach Saulieu by air you will need to fly to Paris then catch a domestic flight to Dijon. Fans of the high speed TGV can arrive in Montbard, only 42 kilometres away, by their preferred method of transport, where there are buses to transfer you on to Saulieu. So from the UK, Eurostar can take you to Paris, and then the TGV will whisk you off to Montbard in a quite incredibly short time, from where a bus will finish the journey!

Property prices in and around Saulieu

Property in Burgundy can tend to be quite expensive as a rule, but is usually of a very high quality. There are restrictions on development, as the region is so important for wine growing and food production. Saulieu reflects trends in the surrounding area, although prices may be a little lower than in Dijon itself.

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WHERE IS Saulieu?

Saulieu is located in eastern France, in the west of the Cote-d'Or department very close to this department's border with Nièvre.

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Population: 2,917

Access: By air: Fly to Dijon. By rail: There is a TGV line running from Paris to Montbard.

Economy: The town is known as a gastronomic town, and thus benefits from gastro-tourism which is so popular in Burgundy.

Interesting fact: The town has a reputation for producing famous chefs. Bernard Loiseau, Alexandre Dumaine and Patrick Bertron all hail from Saulieu.

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