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Tonnerre Property Listings and Info

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Tonnerre - a town of water

The town of Tonnerre, which is found in the Yonne department of Burgundy in eastern France, is not only a town of water because it is situated on the Burgundy Canal, but also because it possesses a water source reckoned to be the second deepest in the whole of France. The pool, the Fosse Dionne, is a major tourist attraction in the town, and there are many myths and legends surrounding this source. Tonnerre is also an attractive town that benefits from a lovely setting on the canal, making it popular with holiday makers as well as being a pleasant place to live.

Tonnerre offers all amenities

Tonnerre offers all amenities, with a post office, shops, boulangerie, pharmacy, a selection of shops and cafés and restaurants. There are also various places of interest to visit in Tonnerre, including the Hotel Dieu, a very well preserved mediaeval hospital which is open to the public. The Tourist office, in the Rue François Mitterrand, will direct you around the local places of interest as well as help you to find places to stay, places to eat and places to explore.

Vines and wines

The countryside around Tonnerre leaves you in no doubt that you are in a famous wine region, as the vineyards are everywhere around the town. Tonnerre is close to the famous Chablis, and the wines produced here are of the very best quality. Wine tasting is a must in Tonnerre, and there are plenty of opportunities to sample the local produce.

Out and about

The canal is an obvious focal point when exploring this part of Burgundy, and floating gently down it is an ideal way to enjoy the scenery and to discover the pretty towns and villages that line its banks. If you want to be a bit more active however there is no shortage of sporting activities. You can find horse-riding, swimming, hiking, tennis and many others all without travelling far.

How to get there

Paris is not far away, around a couple of hours drive, and offers plenty of choice regarding airlines and departure points from the UK. Air France, bmi, bmibaby, flybe, British Airways, easyJet, jet2, Thomsonfly, Aer Lingus and Ryanair all fly to one or other of the Paris airports. If you are driving from the north, Tonnerre is found from the A6 auto route exit 20, while if you prefer the train, there is a TGV station at Tonnerre so you can take a direct TGV from Paris after alighting from Eurostar.

Property prices and availability in and around Tonnerre

Burgundy is known to a discerning few rather than popular with the masses of British people who purchase property in France. This can keep prices more reasonable than in certain highly sought after regions such as Paris or Provence, but it is also true to say that Burgundy property tends to be higher priced than in regions such as the Limousin, or perhaps Poitou-Charentes. There is a good variety of property available, with elegant town houses, grand vineyard houses and country farms all featuring on the market regularly.

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Tonnerre AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Tonnerre?

Tonnerre is located slightly to the north-east of the centre of France. It lies in the east of the Yonne department, close to its border with the Aube department, in Champagne-Ardenne.

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Population: 6,500

Access: By air: Fly to Paris. By road: The town is found from the A6 auto route exit 20 if travelling from the north. By rail: There is a TGV station at Tonnerre so you can take a direct TGV from Paris after alighting from Eurostar.

Economy: The economy is based on wine production and tourism.

Interesting fact: Tonnerre has a mysterious water source, the second deepest in France. There is a pool in the town known as the Fosse Dionne, and several divers have been killed exploring the underground water passages leading from it trying to discover the source.

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