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Uzerche Property Listings and Info

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Uzerche - in a stunning location

The beautiful town of Uzerche sits in one of the Corrèze's most stunning locations. It sits like a princely island, high on a elevated rocky spur above a loop in the River Vezere, and looks down onto the lush panorama of the tree strewn, green Limousin countryside. With its fine old granite buildings and air of elegance, the old town is well worth a visit, and with its reasonable prices, it is certainly a potential property hotspot for discerning buyers. It comes as no surprise to know that the town is sometimes called "The pearl of the Limousin".

Tranquil and charming

Cross the river by the pretty old stone bridge, the Pont Turgot, and begin to climb your way through the ancient twisting streets to the top of the town. Don't rush though, as you will miss the sights of interest along the way. Grand old granite built houses, some half-timbered in the mediaeval fashion, straggle up the hill and flank the narrow alleyways of Uzerche, making this one of the most characterful destinations in the region.

Points of interest

The town's main points of interest are the Romanesque Church of St Pierre and the gateway to the town, the Porte Bécharie, which was once part of the surrounding walls.

Shops and services

It may seem to spoil the romance of this lovely town, to talk about life's more prosaic necessities such as shops and services, but it is good to know that you can rest assured that everything you need is within reach here. Actually, it's better than that, as Uzerche has some lovely shops, such as artisan bakers and local speciality shops as well as supermarkets and all normal services. There are also plenty of good eateries, with friendly cafés, bars and restaurants all at your service.

Out and about

The location of Uzerche in the countryside of the Corrèze, means that many outdoor activities are on offer in the vicinity. The River Vezere is great for experienced canoeists, but be warned that only those who know what they are doing should try it, as the waters here are every fast. Walkers will find some delightful walks along the riverbanks, and there is also fishing, horse-riding, swimming, cycling and tennis available locally.

How to get there

Limoges has an airport which is served by cut price airline Ryanair and also flybe, so this is very handy for air travellers. Rail travellers can take the train to the town itself, after swapping from a TGV which will take you as far as Limoges. Finally, drivers will find Uzerche from the A20/E09 or N120 roads.

Property prices and availability in and around Uzerche

Uzerche has some great property bargains crop up from time to time, so don't pass them by if the romantic setting and style of this town appeals to you. Act swiftly, though, it's a popular town!

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WHERE IS Uzerche?

Uzerche is located to the south-west of central France. It lies in the west of the Corrèze department.

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Population: 3,200

Access: By air: Fly to Limoges with Ryanair or flybe. By rail: The town has a railway station so rail travel is a good choice. By road: The town is accessed from the A20/E09.

Economy: The economy is mainly agricultural.

Interesting fact: Uzerche is sometimes called "The pearl of the Limousin", and such is the magnificence of the buildings there, there is a saying that says, those who have a house in Uzerche, have a castle in the Limousin.

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