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Ahun Property Listings and Info

For buying and selling property in Ahun

A rural haven in France's 'lake district'!

Ahun is situated in the Creuse department of the Limousin, the department being known as the 'lake district of France', for reasons which will be abundantly clear when you arrive. If you are seeking a true rural haven you could do far worse than begin your search here in Ahun. The town is typically French, with its weekly market selling locally grown fruit and vegetables, and a lifestyle dictated by the seasons rather than the ticking clock which governs life in much of Britain. The town itself is peaceful yet with a lively heart, and it offers a selection of shops, bars and restaurants.

On every Wednesday…

Whatever else you do when in Ahun, get up early on a Wednesday morning to reach the market at the same time as the locals. Not only will this afford you the best chance to buy the freshest and most delicious of the local produce on offer, but it will also provide a unique opportunity to see the townsfolk living life in rural France the way it has been lived for centuries. There can be little more evocative of the traditional French lifestyle than a visit to the weekly market, and Ahun's market is one of the good ones!

Cheese from the Creuse

If you should notice a rather pungent smell whilst wandering around the stalls, follow your nose and you will arrive at the famous cheese stall of a certain Monsieur Berte. It is said that no local event or market is complete without M. Berte and his cheeses, and ripe though the bouquet might be, the flavours are a delight… watch what the locals buy and take a piece or two for yourself. These locally made cheeses are excellent, as the Creuse is one of the best areas in Europe for dairy cattle.

Places to go, things to do…

You may well decide that you want no more than to enjoy the lovely Limousin countryside around Ahun, but if you are of a mind to explore the region then Ahun makes a very good base from which to do this. You could take a trip to nearby Aubusson, famous for rugs, carpets and tapestries, or perhaps you might try negotiating your way around the biggest permanent labyrinth in the world, which is found in the town of Gueret, close to Ahun. This covers some two and a half hectares of land, and may keep you busy for some time!

Sports and culture

Sports enthusiasts will find plenty to enjoy too, particularly on and around the many lakes in the region. Ahun has its own small lake, but for a real water sports experience you should go to the Lac Vassivere, which offers many water sports and also a safe play area for children. If your tastes run more to culture than physical activity, you might like to visit nearby Moutier d'Ahun, where there is a lovely old abbey with some fantastic seventeenth century carvings.

How to get there

Budget airlines Ryanair and flybe fly into the airport at Limoges, and this is probably one of the easiest and most economical ways to reach the town. Departure airports are Stansted, Liverpool, Midlands and Southampton. Travelling by road is straightforward as the town is not far from the main A20 autoroute which runs from Paris to Toulouse.

Property prices and availability in and around Ahun

The Creuse can be one of the best areas of France in which to find a real property bargain, as it has not yet been over developed or filled to the brim with British and other foreign buyers. To avoid spoiling one of France's best kept secrets, however, once you have found your bargain property you may prefer not to tell anyone! Ahun offers properties typical of a small market town in the Limousin, with attractive stone town houses being the most popular. The countryside around and about Ahun offers some excellent opportunities to find farms and barns ripe for conversion to dream homes at prices hard to match anywhere else in France.

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Ahun lies centrally in the department of the Creuse in the Limousin region of France, which is located slightly to the south and west of the centre of the country.

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Population: 2,000

Access: By air: Fly to Limoges with Ryanair or flybe. By road: Ahun is not far from the main A20 autoroute.

Economy: In common with most of the Limousin, agriculture is a force in Ahun's economy. The town also has an important paper manufacturing business, which produces corrugated paper, card and packaging.

Interesting fact: No local event or market is complete without the famous cheeses of one M. Berte. Known to everyone in the town, it is said that all you have to do to find him is to follow your nose.

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