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Azerables Property Listings and Info

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Azerables - a fisherman's heaven

If, by any chance, you should happen to be a keen fisherman, or to have one in the family, the village of Azerables has to be the perfect location for you. The village has many connections with water, having the source of the River Anglin within its boundaries, the River Abloux alongside and a great fishing/leisure lake just outside.

Attractive village with churches to explore

The village itself is attractive and typical of its region, with many of the houses being of original construction, made of local stone and slate. The heritage of the village includes a 12th century church, a 15th century chapel and a contemporary church as well.

Amenities on offer

Azerables is essentially a rural village, but it has some shops and services which include a boulangerie, a boucherie/general store, a bar/tabac and a hairdresser's shop. Further goods and services are easily obtained in nearby La Souterraine, which has large stores and supermarkets, in addition to schools, a market and health services. There is a great leisure lake just on the edge of the village, perfect for fishing but also having swimming, boating etc. on offer in summer.

Check out Aubusson's carpets

The Creuse and indeed, the Limousin region as a whole, are noted mainly for their agriculture and rural nature, but there are plenty of interesting and lively towns to discover as well. The main town of the Creuse is Gueret, but there are many others to get to know and love. Aubusson, world famous for its fabulous carpets, is one such town, while Dun le Palastel is renowned for its excellent market.

Explore the wonderful countryside

It is, however, the wonderful lush, green and rolling countryside of the Creuse that attracts most people to the area. Perfect for anyone who loves getting out in the fresh air, this rural department is liberally dotted with beautiful lakes and rivers which make it a fisherman's paradise.

How to get there

The airports and train stations of Limoges and Poitiers make it readily accessible from the UK, thanks to Ryanair, Flybe and the efficient TGV rail services that operate to and from those cities. Drivers can also find the village easily from the A20 auto route, on the D15/D70.

Property prices and availability in and around Azerables

As the Creuse is one of France's best places to find a property bargain, it makes sense to take a good look at Azerables. Low priced properties are frequently found on the market, and renovation properties are also often available in the locality. A budget of between 100,000 and 200,000 Euros should find you a quite substantial ready to live in property in or close to the village.

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Azerables AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Azerables?

Azerables is situated in central France. It lies in the very north-west of the Creuse department.

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Creuse Guide

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Population: 890

Access: By air: Fly to Limoges or Poitiers. By rail: The TGV takes you to both of the above cities. By road: If driving, the village is located from the A20 auto route on the D15/D70.

Economy: The economy is agricultural, with small commerce present.

Interesting fact: The River Anglin begins in the village of Azerables.

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