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Bénévent l'Abbaye Property Listings and Info

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Bénévent L'Abbaye - a pretty pilgrim town

The small town of Bénévent L'Abbaye is found amid the soft, rolling landscapes of the green Creuse department in the Limousin region of central France. Pretty and historic, Bénévent L'Abbaye is an age old stopping point for pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela, and to mark this history, displays a large pilgrim symbol, a Coquilles Saint Jacques shell, set into the road in the town.

Good local amenities and points of interest

Bénévent L'Abbaye has good local amenities, with a handful of shops, a small supermarket, a bar, restaurant and an antiques shop, with more enterprises set to open up as the town continues to gain in popularity. The abbey church, the most dominating feature, is really lovely, inside and out, and well deserving of a visit. A further attraction is the excellent Scénovision Museum, which traces the history of the town and its environs.

Donkeys are a common sight in Bénévent L'Abbaye

Even today, the town is a favoured resting point for pilgrims walking the Route to Santiago de Compostela, and the pilgrims are a charming sight, often accompanied by doe-eyed donkeys in the traditional manner. The role of the donkey in pilgrim history is celebrated in Bénévent in the form of a small shop selling donkey memorabilia alongside products such as donkey milk.

Lovely countryside to enjoy and many places to visit

Bénévent L'Abbaye sits on a hill, surrounded by typical Creuse countryside of rolling hills and meadows, and is something of a paradise for walkers, nature lovers and outdoor pursuits fans. Many sporting and leisure activities can be found within easy reach, and these include horse-riding, cycling, fishing and swimming and water sports on local lakes. Places to visit locally include the beautiful towns of Saint Leonard de Noblat and Saint Benoit de Sault, the porcelain city of Limoges and the carpet capital of Aubusson.

How to get there

The capital of the Limousin region, Limoges, offers the options of arriving by air, with cheap flights from budget airline Ryanair and flights with Flybe, or by train from Paris. If driving, head for the D914 road, which runs through the town. The nearest major roads are the A20 and N145.

Property prices and availability in and around Bénévent L'Abbaye

Limousin generally offers a lot of property for your money, and this lovely town is no exception. Currently you can buy properties ranging from a pretty village house, perfect for holidays, for as little as 69,000 Euros, to large townhouses (suitable for family living or B&B accommodation) for well under 200,000 Euros.

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Bénévent l'Abbaye AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Bénévent l'Abbaye?

Bénévent L'Abbaye is situated in central of France. It lies in the west of the Creuse department, not far from the border with the Haute-Vienne.

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Population: 855

Access: By air: Fly to Limoges. By rail: Take the TGV from Paris to Limoges.By road: Bénévent L'Abbaye lies along the D914.

Economy: The economy is largely agricultural, with local crafts and holiday and pilgrim accommodation important.

Interesting fact: Look out for the Coquilles Saint Jacques pilgrim symbol, set into the road in the town.

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