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Crozant - rivers, lakes and rocky vantage points...

The village of Crozant can be found nestled in a stunning landscape of rivers, lakes and rocky promontories that offer superb views of the abundant beauty of the Creuse department of central France. A small village, of some 600 souls, Crozant has pots of history, intriguing ruins to visit, and a warm and welcoming heart. The atmospheric ruins of the fortress are a picturesque addition to the village.

Village life

Crozant may be small, but it has real village life going on, and is no ghost town in any sense. The beating heart of the village offers the essential shops and services that are expected of a true French village, with small shops, bars, restaurants and a post office. Crozant is a friendly place, and offers the hand of welcome to all newcomers, be they day trippers, holiday home owners or new permanent residents.

Crozant is an artist's delight

Crozant is, and always has been an artist's delight. Popular with the impressionists, the village attracted so many creative superstars that the particular impressionist style practiced there became known as the "School of Crozant"! The village was also a favoured haunt of the writer George Sands.

Exploring the area

As Crozant lies on the border of the departments of the Creuse and the Indre, the village makes a great base for further exploration of the area. The Limousin, and more specifically, the Creuse, is a region of France that has not been over commercialised or even, in many parts, discovered by the world at large. Around the village there are rivers (Crozant actually sits at the confluence of the Rivers Creuse and Séddelle), lakes, woodlands and gorges, making this some of the most beautiful and dramatic countryside in France. It's perfect for walking, horse-riding, cycling and simply sightseeing. There are many fascinating towns and villages to see too, including Aubusson of carpet making fame, and the tragic memorial town of Oradour sur Glanes.

How to get there

The airports of Limoges and Poitiers are the nearest, Limoges being served by Ryanair and flybe, and Poitiers by Ryanair. If you prefer to travel by train, you can take the Eurostar to Paris and then change to a TGV to Angoulême or Poitiers. From here you can take a local train to La Souterraine or Guéret, the nearest railway stations to Crozant.

Property prices and availability in and around Crozant

The Limousin is still the place to go if you are seeking a cheap property, and the Creuse department is no exception. Little known and unspoiled, it is also a wonderful spot to find a renovation project, perhaps an old farm building ripe for conversion, or a village house in need of some tender loving care, and going for a song.

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WHERE IS Crozant?

Crozant is situated just to the west of central France. It lies in the north-west of the Creuse department, right near its regional border with the Central Loire Valley.

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Population: 600

Access: By air: Fly to Limoges with Ryanair or flybe. By rail: Take the Eurostar to Paris then change to a TGV to Angoulême or Poitiers. La Souterraine and Guéret are the nearest local stations.

Economy: The economy is typically rural, with agriculture predominant.

Interesting fact: Crozant is known as "the cradle of Armand Guillaumin and the impressionists", beloved as it was as an inspiration to so many of the artists of this school.

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