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Saint Etienne de Fursac Property Listings and Info

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Saint Etienne de Fursac - an undiscovered paradise

The village of St Etienne de Fursac is a picturesque little place which is set in the almost undiscovered paradise of the Creuse department of north-east Limousin. St Etienne de Fursac is actually a "twin town", with the two villages of St Etienne and Fursac being amalgamated to form the commune that exists today. The Creuse region, one of France's best kept secrets, not only offers glorious scenery, but is also one of the least populated parts of France, ensuring peace and tranquillity as well as charming villages and towns unspoiled by the excesses of the tourist trade.

Village life

St Etienne de Fursac has some basic shops, cash points, bars and a couple of restaurants, so it isn't difficult to really kick back and relax here with all your needs catered for. There are markets held on the 5th and 19th of every month, and these offer all the usual colour and character of a traditional French street market with the freshest and best of local produce on sale.

Sports and leisure

In such a rural area the best activities are those that allow you to enjoy the natural beauty around you such as walking, cycling and horse-riding. There are lakes and rivers which are perfect for fishing and swimming, with some of the larger lakes offering sailing and other sports too.

Exploring the area

Places to visit locally include the very lovely mediaeval town of La Souterraine, where you can see existing parts of the old fortifications and enjoy the atmosphere of the markets, shops and excellent restaurants that can be found here. Limoges, with its big city facilities and tradition of making fine porcelain is within easy reach and should definitely figure on the must see list.

How to get there

The airports of Limoges and Poitiers are both served by budget airline Ryanair, with Limoges also being served by flybe. The train stations at La Souterraine and Guéret make rail travel a realistic possibility, as you can take the Eurostar to Paris, change to a TGV to Poitiers or Angoulême, and then continue by local train to nearer your destination. Road travel on the A20 auto route and N145 will bring you within easy reach of St Etienne de Fursac, which lies on the D1/D4.

Property prices and availability in and around Saint Etienne de Fursac

The Limousin is still the place to go if you are seeking a cheap property, and the Creuse department is perhaps the best of all. Little known and unspoiled, it is also the perfect spot to find a renovation project, perhaps an old farm building ripe for conversion, or a village house in need of some tender loving care. The market currently offers a selection of charming properties at under 100,000 Euros.

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Saint Etienne de Fursac AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Saint Etienne de Fursac?

Saint Etienne de Fursac lies slightly to the north-west of the centre Creuse department, quite close to the border with the Haute-Vienne department.

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Creuse Guide

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Population: 816

Access: By air: Fly to Limoges. By rail: Take the Eurostar to Paris then change to a TGV to Angoulême or Poitiers. La Souterraine and Guéret both are nearby and have railway stations. By road: The A20 and N145 are the nearest major roads.

Economy: The economy is agricultural.

Interesting fact: A little unusually, instead of holding its traditional markets on a set day of the week, St Etienne hosts markets on the 5th and the 19th of every month.

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