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Tarascon sur Ariège - a town that captures time...

Tarascon sur Ariège is a town situated among the beautiful mountains and rivers of the Pyrénées, in the south of France in the department of the Ariège. It is a town that captures time and offers it to all who are interested. In its famous prehistoric caves and prehistoric park, you can discover what the world was like in the lives of the cave dwellers, hunters and gatherers who inhabited this wild and beautiful part of France in prehistoric times. It is also a wonderful place to live or to holiday, being set amongst the stunning scenery of the Pyrénées, where mountain air is clear and where the stresses and strains of the modern world seem a million miles away.

Lovely old town

Set amidst the fabulous mountain scenery of the Pyrénées, Tarascon sur Ariège is a lovely old town in its own right. The streets and squares are unspoiled and tranquil, and the pretty terracotta rooftops of the houses have been baked and faded by centuries of strong sun. For although the mountain air can be crisp and cool, the sun carries the unmistakeably burning kiss of the south. The distinctive clock tower stretches up into the sky above the town, and the rushing waters of the River Ariège provide another focal point as they plough through the centre of this mountain town.

Where ancient meets modern

Tarascon sur Ariège may be an old town whose most famous attraction is its prehistoric park, but don't be fooled into thinking that there is no place for a modern pleasurable lifestyle here. Tarascon is well equipped with shops and services, with sporting and leisure facilities and with amenities and attractions such as bars and restaurants. There is even a cinema where , if you are fortunate, you may find an English language file being shown… although it will have French subtitles!

Sports on offer

The setting of Tarascon, with its wild mountain scenery and rushing river waters, dictates the lifestyle here and preselects adventure sports as the perfect choice for anyone seeking an active pursuit. Rock climbing, mountain walking, white water rafting and other such energetic and white knuckle sports are the norm here in midsummer. Winter, of course, brings opportunities for skiing and other snow sports in the nearby ski resorts such as Ax les Thermes and those of nearby Andorra.

Out and about

Days out and places to visit include the Cathar castles of the region and the old towns like Foix, tax free shopping in Andorra, and, of course, fascinating hours spent at the prehistoric park of Tarascon itself.

How to get there

The nearest airport to Tarascon is found at Toulouse, which is served by British Airways, bmi, flybe, Jet2 or easyJet. Carcassonne is also within reach, which is served by Ryanair. Train travellers can take a TGV to Toulouse or Tarbes, then link to a local train to Tarascon station. Drivers should follow the A66 motorway followed by the N20 and the D6.

Property prices and availability in and around Tarascon sur Ariège

Tarascon sur Ariège lies in a part of France which is largely unspoiled and relatively undiscovered, with property prices, although now on the rise, still representing good value for money. Transport links to Tarascon are better than many people might expect, but the relative isolation of the area tends to keep prices lower than in many parts of France.

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Tarascon sur Ariège AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Tarascon sur Ariège?

Tarascon sur Ariège is situated in the south-west of France. It lies in the south-east of the Ariège department.

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Population: 3,446

Access: By air: Fly to Toulouse or Carcassonne. By rail: Travel by TGV to Toulouse or Tarbes and link to local services to Tarascon station. By road: The A66 auto route followed by the N20 and the D6 will take you to Tarascon.

Economy: Once a manufacturing centre, Tarascon is now primarily concerned with tourism.

Interesting fact: Tarascon is known for its prehistoric caves and prehistoric park where you can learn all about this early period in the life of our planet.

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