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High Tech Capital of the Midi Pyrenees

With a population of 358,500, Toulouse is France's fourth largest city (after Paris, Lyon and Marseille). It is to be found in the South-West of the country and serves as the capital of the Midi-Pyrenees. The city has made a steady economic rise since World War II and is now home to many different industries, including its advanced aerospace facilities that aided the creation of the Concorde.

A Large Student Population

The city is commonly known as 'la ville rose' or 'the pink city' due to the predominant colour of its bricks - constructed from local clay. The city has plenty going on in the evening, helped considerably by its enormous student population. The University of Toulouse is the biggest Institute of Higher Education outside of Paris.

A Popular Tourist Destination

The centre of Toulouse is very pretty and contains a number of historical buildings. The two churches of St Sernin and Les Jacobins and the Renaissance mansions are the first things to grab the attention of foreign visitors. With tourist information provided in English, there is no excuse not to learn more about this fascinating city.

Good Travel Connections

The city has its own airport, which makes getting there easy, especially when there are so many airlines flying in from the UK each day. If you're going across land then the TGV train service, which stops in Toulouse, is recommended. Taking the car is also an option. After Paris, take the A20 to Limoges then the N20 onto Toulouse.

Toulouse property prices

Toulouse is quite an expensive city in which to have a property. Most foreign buyers have chosen to live in the more relaxed suburbs where their money stretches further. The cost of living is around average for France.

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Toulouse AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Toulouse?

Located in the north of the Haute-Garonne department, in the Midi-Pyrenees.

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Midi-Pyrénées Guide

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Haute-Garonne Guide

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Population: 358,500

Access: The city has its own airport with a wide range of flights to and from the UK.

Economy: Extensive investment from the French government has heralded the birth of a number of high-tech industries in the town, including aerospace.

Interesting fact: The colour of the local clay provides it with its nickname, ?la ville rose?.


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