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Honfleur is a bustling port town

Honfleur is a lively and colourful port town that lies in the north of France on the Seine estuary, in the Lower Normandy region. Honfleur is said to be the most picturesque and authentic town in the region, so for a true taste of Normandy in all its glory, head for Honfleur.

Of artists and sailors

Honfleur has always been a town of many parts, and it is famous for its rich and varied history and heritage. The town is said to have been the birthplace of impressionism, and certainly it is easy to see why its colour and vivacity would appeal to the artistic eye. The maritime trades were also represented in Honfleur, and in days gone by it was as a major centre for the slave trade, the salt trade and of course, for fishing.

A perfect harbour and picture postcard streets

Honfleur has the perfect picture postcard looks that commend it to one and all. From the lovely harbours, with their fleets of colourful fishing boats and pleasure craft bobbing cheerfully up and down on the water, to its quaint and charming old streets and timber and stone houses, Honfleur is a treat in store.

All mod cons in Honfleur?

For all its heritage, and there is plenty of this to discover with the museums, art exhibitions and ancient buildings, Honfleur also has all mod cons available to make life sweet for its 21st century residents and visitors! There are banks, schools, shops, bars, restaurants and in short, everything you need. On the subject of restaurants, it probably goes without saying, but do try the fish… and the shellfish for which Honfleur is well known. Fresh? Straight from the sea to your plate!

Sports and leisure

Sailing is the most obvious choice when you are in Honfleur, but if this isn't to your taste then there are lots of sports and leisure activities on offer. Choose from bowling, golf, mini golf, swimming, skateboarding, tennis, or let someone else do the hard work and take a trip on a leisure cruiser and discover the lovely coastline the easy way! There are a great number of fêtes and festivals to enjoy in Honfleur too, celebrating the history and sheer "Frenchness" of this part of Normandy!

Out and about

If ever it comes to the point when you are ready to step beyond Honfleur and explore more of the region, you will find yourself in a great location. Visit Mont St Michel, one of Normandy's most famous landmarks, or follow the river inland to places such as Mortagne au Perche. Go to Bayeaux to see where the famous tapestry was born... this is a land where history was made, in so many ways.

How to get there

It is always easy to access towns in Normandy, as the ferry ports are so near, especially Le Havre, Caen and Cherbourg. There are airports at Dinard (Brittany) and of course in Paris, but the ferry or the tunnel trains are probably the better options for those wishing to travel from the UK. Dinard is served by Ryanair and Aurigny, and Paris served by numerous airlines including British Airways, Air France, flybe, easyJet, Aer Lingus, bmi and Jet2. Meanwhile, there is a station in the town for rail travel, so from Paris you can take a train to Deauville or Lisieux, and then take an onward local connection to Honfleur. If travelling by road, you will find the town off the A29.

Property prices and availability in and around Honfleur

Honfleur is a very popular location, so prices, especially near the sea, will tend to be a little higher than in other parts of Normandy. That said, Normandy in general is not too pricey, especially when compared with its neighbour Brittany, where popularity has pushed house prices to high levels. Remember too, that Honfleur is popular with tourists, so rental incomes are likely to be good.

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Honfleur AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Honfleur?

Honfleur is located in the far north of France. It lies in the very north-east of the Calvados department.

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Population: 8,352

Access: By boat: The town is easily accessed from any of the northern ferry ports, especially Le Havre, Caen and Cherbourg. By rail: There is a railway station in Honfleur. By air: Fly to Dinard or Paris. By road: The town can be found from the A29.

Economy: The economy revolves around tourism and fishing.

Interesting fact: The town is said to be the birthplace of impressionism, and certainly Honfleur has strong links with many famous artists such as Boudin, Jonkgind, Monet and the poet Beaudelaire.


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