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Ouistreham Property Listings and Info

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Ouistreham or Caen, by any other name...

The name of Ouistreham may not be familiar to you, but you may well have been there. If you have ever taken a Brittany ferry to Caen, then you have certainly been to Ouistreham, as the town provides the port that is known to most of us as Caen. Ouistreham is the harbour town that lies just north of Caen, at the mouth of the Canal de Caen a la Mer, where it meets the English Channel. It is found in the department of Calvados, evocative of the wonderful fiery brandy of the same name, and in the region of Lower Normandy, scene of many of the D-Day landings of the second world war.

More than a port...

Ouistreham is so much more than just a port, however, and it would be a shame to just drive off the ferry and miss out on the wonderful things on your doorstep as you arrive in France. Here there is a lot of fascinating history (Ouistreham played its part in the D-Day landings in 1944), and there are historic buildings, monuments and museums to discover and enjoy. There is an old German Bunker to be seen, and it is interesting to know that the film "The Longest Day" featured Ouistreham and the real life events of the war.

A northern Riviera

Not only is Ouistreham famed for its role in the war and for its history and its port, but also for its seaside resort, part of the collection of resorts and beaches known as the northern Riviera. Long before the French Riviera of Cannes and Nice was popular, people flocked to the beaches of Ouistreham and surrounding towns, to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and pleasant surroundings of Lower Normandy. The bathing beach is known as the Riva Bella, and is perfect for families.

Down town

Port towns always have great shopping, and Ouistreham is no exception. You can buy just about anything you might want here, including cheap booze and tobacco, speciality cheeses (Normandy is famous for the superb Camembert cheeses it produces) and other great products. Ouistreham is a typical large town and is able to provide all amenities including education, health services, banking services and... well, everything!

Dining out in Ouistreham

Dining out here is also a pleasure, as it goes without saying that in a port town you will always be able to access the best of fresh seafood... and Ouistreham is renowned for shrimps... so enjoy! There are lots of restaurants offering all types of cuisine from gourmet French to fast food, so there will be something here for everyone.

Sportsman's paradise

Ouistreham is known as something of a sportsman's paradise, as there are so many sporting activities available here. The dare devils among us can gallop along the sands on a beautiful horse, try the demanding sport of speed sailing or experience the absolute thrill of sand yachting. The less adventurous may enjoy tennis, mini golf or walking along the lovely coastal walks and also perhaps indulge in the thalassotherapy treatments on offer.

Out and about

There are lots of places to see in the region, many of them commemorating the events of the war, so it's a good place to bring the kids to see a little of their history come alive. Lower Normandy is also a very beautiful area, and well worth discovering are the little towns and villages that lie inland from the famous beaches, so a car is a good idea.

How to get there

It couldn't be easier to get to Ouistreham from the UK, as the town encompasses the Port of Caen, served by Brittany Ferries from Portsmouth. There are airports at Dinard in Brittany (served by Aurigny and Ryanair), and of course in Paris, but the ferry or the tunnel trains are probably the better options for those wishing to travel from the UK.

Property prices and availability in and around Ouistreham

In general, prices in Normandy are lower than those of neighbouring Brittany, where the property prices have been soaring due to massive popularity. Port towns, however, can be a little pricier, due to convenience of travel. Ouistreham is a great place to consider buying a property, though, and even here prices are far lower than in most French beach resorts.

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Ouistreham AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Ouistreham?

Ouistreham is located on the coast in the far north of France. It lies in the north of the Calvados department.

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Population: 8,759

Access: By boat: As Ouistreham is the port of Caen, this is definitely the nearest ferry port and the ideal way to travel from the UK! By rail: The TGV runs to Caen, so rail travel is another option. By air: Fly to Dinard or Paris.

Economy: The economy is based on the port (Brittany Ferries, pleasure craft and fishing craft) and the seaside resort with its tourism.

Interesting fact: Ouistreham played its part in the D-Day Landings, as on June 6th 1944, the Free French Forces disembarked there.

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