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Saint Germain de Tallevende la Lande Vaumont Property Listings and Info

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Saint Germain de Tallevende la Lande Vaumont - small village, long name!

St Germain de Tallevende la Lande Vaumont (henceforth here to be referred to as St Germain de Tallevende!) is a pretty rural village that is located in the Calvados department of Lower Normandy, in the central north of France. Set amidst the softly rolling hills, pretty orchards, woodlands and verdant pastures of the Virois Bocage, Saint Germain de Tallevende is peaceful and traditional in its outlook, and offers a gentle and appealing way of life while remaining close enough to the ferry ports of Normandy to make travel from the UK a simple matter.

Typically Norman

The village is typically Norman in its appearance, with stone houses of traditional construction and design, and the grey slate roofs that dominate the towns and villages of northern France. There is an attractive little church, and, to be honest, not much more in terms of tourist attractions, but therein lies its charm. St Germain de Tallevende is utterly unspoiled and perfect for relaxation and escaping the stresses and strains of life in the UK.

Village amenities

There are no hypermarkets in St Germain de Tallevende (they would spoil the ambience anyway!) but there are some basic village amenities that are very useful. There is a bakery, a butchers shop, a post office, pharmacy and general store. Add to this the pleasures provided by a friendly little bar, where you can pop in for a drink and hone your French speaking skills by chatting to the regulars, and a very highly regarded restaurant in the local auberge. If you need more (and let's face it, there will be times when you do) then the town of Vire, just a few kilometres away, can oblige. Here you can find a supermarket and some excellent shopping and dining facilities.

Points of interest nearby

It isn't just its name that makes St Germain de Tallevende interesting. Just nearby are the mysterious megaliths, or standing stones, where you can gaze in wonder at these relics of a bygone age and ponder the circumstances in which they came to be in the configuration that they are today. It's a great place for telling ghost stories! The beautiful and varied countryside of the Bocage also provides plenty of interest, with fabulous waterfalls, natural parks and even a bison farm where you can admire these magnificent beasts in a totally natural setting.

And for sports fans?

The countryside of the Bocage is perfect for all manner of sports, especially the traditional rural pursuits of walking, cycling and horse-riding. There is cycle hire nearby and this part of Normandy is renowned for its excellent golf courses. Many local towns have swimming and tennis facilities, and it almost goes without saying that you can play boules or petanque anywhere in France! There is a lake nearby which is a bird watchers paradise, as it is a designated ornithological reserve, with many rare species of birds and water birds arriving and settling during the year in a protected environment.

Out and about

Basse (or Lower) Normandie is well worth exploring, and whether you head for the famous beaches that played such a defining role in the war or whether you decide to explore the historic towns or the gentle countryside with its beautiful villages, you are sure to find something to suit you. There are sophisticated seaside resorts such as Honfleur and Deauville, there is the fascinating town of Bayeaux, famed for its tapestry, and inland you can discover a myriad of pretty villages and lovely landscapes. Basse Normandie hosts a number of colourful festivals throughout the summer months, and if these appeal to you, you can obtain details of what happens and when from the tourist offices that can be found in most towns.

How to get there

It is easy to access towns in Normandy, as the ferry ports are right on hand. There are airports at Dinard, Brittany (served by Aurigny and Ryanair) and of course Paris, but the ferry or the tunnel trains are probably the best options for those wishing to travel from the UK. It is advisable to have a car if you are staying for a while, as there is so much to see in the region.

Property prices and availability in and around Saint Germain de Tallevende la Lande Vaumont

You will be pleasantly surprised by the prices here. Consider this... a four-bedroom village house, in good order, with gardens and terraces... for just over 100,000 Euros! You won't find many of those in the UK... but Saint Germain is bursting with similar bargains.

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Saint Germain de Tallevende la Lande Vaumont AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Saint Germain de Tallevende la Lande Vaumont?

The town is located in the central north of France. It lies in the south-west of the Calvados department, close to its border with the Orne department.

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Population: 1,731

Access: By boat: The town is accessed from any of the northern ferry ports, especially Le Havre, Caen and Cherbourg. By rail: From Paris, take the train to Deauville or Lisieux. By air: Fly to Dinard or Paris. By road: The town is found near the D577a.

Economy: The economy is agricultural.

Interesting fact: The town has one of the longest names in France!

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