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Cherbourg Property Listings and Info

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The beginning

The port town of Cherbourg was masterminded in the 17th Century by a man named Vauban. He saw the use of the town as an Atlantic port and began the construction. By 1853 all the preliminary work had been achieved allowing Napolean I to convert Cherbourg into a naval base. It was officially opened in 1858.

Cherbourg - the port

Today, Cherbourg has the largest artificial port in the world! It is home to wrecks including Cunard's Queen Mary II, and was the last stop of the Titanic in 1912. Its superb Art Deco port hall has been converted into a museum, and is visited by 400,000 people a year.

The sites and the sea

There are many sites of interest in Cherbourg. Roule Fort and the Naval Base have experienced a lot over the centuries. The fort stands above the town, on top of windswept, Roule Hill. It was the main base of German resistance to the Allies in 1944, holding stunning views over Cherbourg and the English Channel. The Naval Base is wrapped in mystery due to its secretive nature. Access to the base is only granted to French Nationals as it houses naval armament and ship building industries which specialise in producing nuclear submarines.

Crabs amongst others

The people of Cherbourg are very proud of their seafood. You can find many cafés and restaurants with ample menus packed with crab, lobster, mussels and other sea dwellers, making for a delicious evening feast or light lunch. The beaches in the western portion of the town are perfect for a relaxing afternoon dip but keep an eye on the pincers below!

The general atmosphere

Cherbourg is a highly industrial town but drive just a few minutes down the road and everything changes. Between Cherbourg and St-Lo, you can expect beautiful scenery, peace, quiet and the idyllic beaches of the Normandy coastline.

How to get there

Ryanair flies from London Stansted and Luton airports to Dinard in Brittany, and Flybe flies to Rennes. Alternatively, you could take the Channel Tunnel and catch a direct TGV service from Paris to Cherbourg itself. Ferry crossings operate from Portsmouth and Poole.

Cherbourg property prices

Prices in Normandy are lower than those of the west or south coast of the country but they are set to rise within the next year. The general trend would seem to be, 'get in there early'.

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Cherbourg AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Cherbourg?

Cherbourg is situated on the very northern tip of the Manche department of Basse-Normandie.

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Manche Guide

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Population: 117,855

Access: You can fly from London Stansted and Luton airports to Dinard in Brittany with Ryanair. Alternatively, you could take the Channel Tunnel and catch a direct TGV service from Paris to Cherbourg itself. Ferry crossings operate from Portsmouth and Poole.

Economy: Tourism, fishing and heavy sea industry are the main sources of income for the town.

Interesting fact: During the Ardennes offensive, in one month, Cherbourg handled twice tonnage of cargo that New York handled in the whole of 1939.

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