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Valognes Property Listings and Info

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Valognes - an elegance born of an aristocratic past

The town of Valognes, which is located in the north of France in the Contentin Peninsula (or the Cherbourg Peninsula if you prefer the Anglicised version), is a place where the elegant houses and air of genteel tranquillity speak of an aristocratic and affluent past. Clean and attractive, with excellent facilities and a high standard of living, Valognes lies a little way south of the port of Cherbourg, in the Manche department of lower Normandy.

Destroyed and rebuilt

Like many Norman towns, Valognes has suffered much throughout history. Abused and destroyed by various warring monarchs and factions over many the centuries, the town has sadly lost much of its most remarkable architectural heritage, but there are still some buildings remaining that bear witness to past glories.

Drinking it in....

Valognes has a couple of interesting museums, which are a little different from the normal museums of stamps and dolls houses. These museums are dedicated to telling the history of and celebrating the pleasures of the two alcoholic drinks for which Normandy is famed. These are, of course, Calvados and cider. Whether you are a fan of the drinks or not, the museums have a fascinating tale to tell.

Shops and markets

There are plenty of shops of all varieties in Valognes, and for those who prefer to do things the traditional way, there is an excellent Friday morning street market too, where you can browse the stalls and indulge yourself with fabulous local specialities. For those who haven't indulged too much, lunch or dinner can also be a treat in Valognes, where there are many good cafés and restaurants to discover and where you can taste the wonderful Norman cuisine of seafood, apples and pastries, washed down with local cider or fiery Calvados brandy.

Sports and leisure in Valognes

The coast is just a short drive away, and Normandy has lots of good beaches where you can try sea and beach sports. Normandy is noted for its horses, and there is some superb riding to be found here. The countryside also lends itself well to walking and cycling. Regarding non sporting activities, there are also many available in the town, which is known as a great centre for art and music.

How to get there

If you want to fly, Dinard is the best airport, at within an hour's travel of the town. Dinard is served by Aurigny and Ryanair. The ferry port of Cherbourg is just over twenty minutes away, or slightly further afield is Caen, so ferry travel is an excellent choice. The town lies near the N13, E03 and E46.

Property prices and availability in and around Valognes

Property in Normandy can be a good, if not particularly cheap buy, especially if you stay clear of the pricier coastal towns and seaside resorts. However, Valognes is a very classy town, and property here does tend to fetch higher prices than in some areas.

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Valognes AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Valognes?

Valognes is located in the north of France. It lies in the north of the Manche department.

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Population: 7,815

Access: By air: Fly to Dinard. By boat: The nearest ferry ports are Cherbourg and Caen. By road: Access Valognes from the E03, E46 or N13.

Economy: The economy is varied, including tourism, cider and Calvados and commerce.

Interesting fact: Valognes was once known as the Versailles of Normandy, as it was home to many aristocratic families with elegant and fine mansions and houses.

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