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Villedieu les PoÍles - God town of frying pans!

If you are wondering what on earth that title means, the second half is actually the literal translation of the name of the town, Villedieu les PoÍles, which is a very pretty old town found in the Lower Normandy region of northern France. The curious name stems partly from the religious order of the Knights of Malta, and partly from the fact that the main industry of the town used to be the manufacture of copper pans (the French for frying pan being "poÍle")! Villedieu les PoÍles lies in the stunning countryside of the Manche department, and benefits from being close to France's north-western ferry ports.

Villedieu les PoÍles's old town

The old part of town is very attractive and popular with tourists. The old streets and houses are built of traditional Norman construction, with local grey stone and slate predominating. There is a good selection of shops, and many sell copper pans and other kitchen utensils so that you can take home a little piece of the town's history!

Bell foundry

The town has a bell foundry which is really worth visiting, as it is one of only twelve such foundries remaining in the world. The foundry and museum offer a glimpse of an almost forgotten art, and children can even have a go at bell ringing for themselves, trying out the product!

Villedieu les PoÍles's copper work museum

Another interesting place to see in Villedieu les PoÍles is the copper work museum. The history of the industry is charted here and a visit makes an enjoyable and educational excursion as the town's past was so bound up with copper.

All amenities in town

Villedieu les PoÍles has more than just a couple of museums and a couple of interesting industries however. It is a lively market town which offers all mod cons and amenities, so don't worry about having to drive for miles for the shopping or to cash a cheque. There are some good restaurants too, and the gastronomy of Normandy is well loved through out France.

Out and about

Villedieu les PoÍles lies in lovely countryside, and this lends itself to a number of sporting and leisure activities. Locally you can find tennis, swimming and sailing, golf, horse-riding, fishing and walking, to name but a few. There are also many places to visit in the vicinity. Take look at Mont St Michel, drive up to the Normandy beaches or simply enjoy the soft green countryside of the Manche.

How to get there

The best way to reach the town of Villedieu les PoÍles is by ferry. The ports of Ouistreham, St Malo, Cherbourg and Le Havre are all within reasonable reach. It is also possible to take the TGV from the channel tunnel to Le Havre or Cherbourg.

Property prices and availability in and around Villedieu les PoÍles

Normandy is a fast rising area for property purchase, as Brittany prices have rocketed and buyers on a budget have been forced to look elsewhere. Prices are still low, and there are some great properties on the market to tempt you!

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Villedieu les PoÍles AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Villedieu les PoÍles?

Villedieu les PoÍles is located in northern France. It lies slightly to the south-east of the centre of the Manche department, close to Manche's border with Calvados.

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Population: 4,104

Access: By boat: Sail to the ferry ports of Ouistreham, St Malo and Cherbourg. By rail: From the channel tunnel, take the TGV to Le Havre or Cherbourg.

Economy: Villedieu les PoÍles has one of the few remaining bell manufacturing foundries in the world, and this, along with tourism, the meat business and cheese production, forms the basis of the town's economy.

Interesting fact: The inhabitants of Villedieu les PoÍles are known as "Les Sourdins", which means "deaf people", as in days gone by, many of the townsfolk were indeed hard of hearing due to a lifetime of hammering copper!


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