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Alencon Property Listings and Info

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A town with a history

The town of Alençon in the far south of Lower Normandy in north-western France, has a long history which is evident in the town today. Dating back to the fourth century, the town possesses many historic buildings from different periods of its past, and these make a most interesting and attractive picture as you make your way around the town. There are colombage houses, which resemble buildings from the Tudor period in England, and which are characterised by wooden beams on the exterior walls.

Typically Norman countryside

The countryside in which the town is set is typically Norman, despite being in the far south of Normandy. It is a land of orchards and rivers creating a gentle rural ambience. The town is close to the lovely Perseigne forest, with its nature trails and tracks for walkers and cyclists.

Old lace and apples…

Alençon is best known for its famous Point D'Alençon lace, and you can visit a museum in the town which celebrates this and traces the history and techniques of lace-making in Alençon. Around the town there are hectares of apple orchards, and it is here that the apples are grown to make Normandy's famous cider. Enjoy a glass or two as a change from wine… but remember it is very potent stuff!

On every Saturday…

Every Saturday morning, the market sets up in Alençon, transforming the town for a few hours. French markets seem to take you back in time, somehow, giving a sense of living life as it was lived many years ago, and Alençon is no exception. Take a look around the stalls with their gaily coloured heaps of fruit and vegetables and treat yourself to a flagon of cider and a round of deliciously creamy (and stinky!) Camembert cheese.

Excellent shopping facilities

Other than the market, Alençon provides excellent shopping facilities and all other amenities. It is a large town, and can supply all your everyday needs such as banking, schooling, health care and leisure.

Sports for all!

Alençon and its environs offer many sporting opportunities, and most people will find something to suit their taste within an easy travelling distance from the town. The lovely countryside which encircles Alençon is perfect for walking, cycling and horse-riding, and the nature trails in the forest of Perseigne provide great interest for birdwatchers and nature lovers. There are two golf courses nearby, and an excellent trout and carp lake for fishing.

How to get there

Getting to Alençon from the UK is quite straightforward, thanks to its position in north-western France. The port of Caen is the nearest ferry port, and ferries sail regularly to Caen from Portsmouth. It is also feasible to sail to Cherbourg, Le Havre or St. Malo. Flying is possible too, with Flybe offering services to Rennes, Ryanair flying to Dinard, or of course you could choose to fly to Paris which is also not too far from Alençon. Travelling by road, Alençon is accessed from the A11 autoroute from Paris to Le Mans.

Property prices and availability in and around Alençon

Property in Normandy can still be found at reasonable prices, although it is increasing in value as the area becomes more popular with foreign buyers. If you are seeking a renovation property, the countryside outside Alençon can be a good place to start, as there are a proliferation of these types of properties here usually at keen prices. The town itself has a number of possibilities for property buyers, with a wide range of property available to suit all needs and pockets.

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WHERE IS Alencon?

Alençon is located in north-west France, in the south of the Orne department. It lies close to Orne's border with the Sarthe department of the Pays-de la Loire region.

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Population: 28,935

Access: By air: Fly to Rennes, Dinard or Paris with a variety of airlines from a number of departure airports in the UK. By boat: Take a ferry to Caen. By road: The town is accessed from the autoroute to Le Mans.

Economy: The economy is based on industry, with important plastics manufacturers in the town.

Interesting fact: The town of Alençon was famed for its intricate lace, known as Point D'Alençon.

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