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L'Aigle - the town of the eagle

The large town of L'Aigle, set against the lush, green backdrop of inland Lower Normandy, is named after the eagle that was said to have been nesting in the oak beams of the castle when it was being built. (L'Aigle means "eagle" in French.) L'Aigle's other claims to fame include its market, said to be the third largest and one of the most important in France, and the fact that it was once the site of a meteor strike. The town is also well located for visiting all the main tourist sites and monuments of Normandy.

Bustling town with a modern outlook

Today, the L'Aigle is a lively and colourful place, bustling and appealing with its old buildings and sense of history, yet with a modern outlook and good facilities. And although the population has been in decline in recent years as a result of the movement of upwardly mobile young people to the capital and the larger cities, L'Aigle is anything but dead in the water.

Two weekly markets

Wander the streets and squares on a Tuesday morning and you will be astounded by the sheer size and vitality of the market that mushrooms in the early hours of the morning. Everything you can think of is on sale, from local produce (think Camembert, cream, crepes and cider) to high fashion to cows. Yes, cows. There is also a large livestock market attached to the general market, should you want to find yourself some chickens, perhaps (if not a cow or a sheep) or a goat to keep the grass under control. If the massive Tuesday market isn't enough to satisfy your thirst for French style shopping, there's another, albeit smaller one, on Saturdays.

Shops and services on offer

Beyond the traditional way of shopping, L'Aigle has plenty of modern shops and supermarkets, all services, schools, hospitals etc, and a great selection of restaurants where you can discover the celebrated local cuisine in style.

Explore L'Aigle's heritage

The heritage of the town includes no less than three churches that are listed as historic landmarks, a collection of wooden sculptures by Louis Verrière and a couple of really brilliant museums, one based on archaeology and the second housing a collection of historic musical instruments.

Visit Mont St Michel and seaside resorts

Exploring the rest of Lower Normandy could take a lifetime, there is so much to do and see. The town lies close to the road to Mont St Michel, one of the region's premier attractions, and an absolute "must see". The town and its castle, set on a rocky island in the sea, are like something out of a fairytale and attract thousands of tourists and sightseers every year. The seaside resorts of Deauville and Trouville call to mind a lost glamour reminiscent of the Rivera in its heyday, and still offer sophisticated entertainment along with great beaches.

Discover castles, cheese farms and cider houses

Meanwhile inland you have mediaeval towns like Domfront to enjoy, and a host of castles and monuments. There are cheese farms and cider houses to discover, and a wealth of activities to get involved in, such as horse-riding (it is an equestrian's paradise), walking and golf.

How to get there

Airports to head for if you want to fly, are Paris, Rennes or Tours, with a variety of airlines servicing Paris, Flybe flying to Rennes, and Ryanair flying to Tours. Ferry travel is a good idea, as Caen and Le Havre are both within a short distance of your destination and the ports of St Malo and Cherbourg are also accessible. If you are driving you will find town not far from the N12 or A28.

Property prices and availability in and around L'Aigle

Property in L'Aigle currently (December 2011) runs from under 100,000 Euros to 355,000 Euros for something rather more spectacular. The department as a whole is popular but still offers property which is good value for money.

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L'Aigle is situated in the north of France. It lies in the north-east of the Orne department.

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Population: 8,415

Access: By air: Fly to Paris, Tours or Rennes. By boat: The nearest ferry ports are Caen, St Malo, Cherbourg and Le Havre. By road: The town lies near the N12 non toll motorway and A28 auto route.

Economy: The economy mixes agriculture, industry and commerce. The huge markets are significant.

Interesting fact: The town has one of the largest and most important markets in France.


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