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Rânes Property Listings and Info

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Rânes - a village in cider country

The tranquil village of Rânes lies in the heart of cider and cheese country, in glorious Norman countryside. Being close to the ferry ports and the Channel tunnel means that it is also easy to get to, making it a perfect getaway from a hectic British lifestyle. The area around the town is quite unspoilt and perfect for walking, horse-riding and other outdoor pursuits.

Well equipped with an impressive chateau

Although Rânes is peaceful and rural in atmosphere, it is quite well equipped for its size and offers most of the shops and services you need to get by day to day. There are small shops, including the typically French boucherie/charcuterie and boulangerie/patisseries, but there is also a small supermarket known as a Huit a Huit, meaning that it stays open from eight in the morning until eight at night, which is quite unusual in France even nowadays! In addition to these shops, Rânes has visits from a fish van every Friday morning and a small market on a Saturday morning. The most significant landmark/monument in the village is the impressive chateau.

Lots to see and do in the area

Lower Normandy is a treasure trove of things to do and see. From the exquisite beaches and swish seaside resorts such as Trouville and Deauville, to the wonderful ethereal sight of Mont St Michel rising out of the swirling sea mist, to the sobering yet fascinating war sites and memorials, there is always something to capture the imagination. Towns like the mediaeval Domfront are fabulous to visit, as is the beautiful Argentan.

Good for walking, cycling and horse-riding

The countryside of the Orne is often hilly, to the extent that parts of the department are known as the Alpes Mancelles and are said to resemble the mountainous Alps. Hence, it is wonderful walking country, or perhaps cycling country, depending on your level of fitness. There are many sports available in the area which is also known for its excellent horse-riding trails.

How to get there

Airports to head for if you want to fly, are Rennes, Tours, Dinard or Paris. Rennes is served by Flybe; Tours by Ryanair; Dinard by Ryanair and Aurigny; and Paris by a multitude of airlines. Ferry travel is a good idea too, as Caen is within a short distance of your destination and the ports of St Malo, Cherbourg and Le Havre are also accessible. If you are driving you will find the village on the D909/D916 roads, not far from the A88 auto route.

Property prices and availability in and around Rânes

Bargain hunters are always well advised to take a look at Normandy as property there often represents extremely good value for money. Properties on the market at the time of writing (December 2011) around Rânes include everything from a small village house to a smart modern villa, with a price range of 54,750 Euros to 167,000 Euros.

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Rânes is situated in the north of France. It lies slightly to the south and west of the centre of the Orne department.

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Population: 1,026

Access: By air: Fly to Rennes, Tours, Dinard or Paris. By boat: The nearest ferry ports are Caen, Le Havre, St Malo and Cherbourg. By road: The town lies on the D909/D916 roads, near to the A88 motorway.

Economy: The economy is mainly agricultural, with producers of cider and cheese prevalent. Small commerce is present.

Interesting fact: The village lies deep in cider country, so prepare to enjoy this celebrated Norman drink at its very best.

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