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Dieppe - an attractive port town

The town of Dieppe, which is located in the north of France on the coast that looks across to Britain, is a very attractive port and seaside town that deserves to be called to the attention of the foreign property market. It should be of special interest to British second home buyers as it is so close to the UK, and is so accessible. Once a highly fashionable resort popular with both the French and the English, Dieppe is no longer so fashionable, but this does not detract from its attractions. Indeed, it means that its charms can be enjoyed without the crowds, which can only increase its appeal!

Ferry port, fishing port or seaside resort?

The truth is that Dieppe is a little of everything. It is still an active fishing port, and it is a never ending delight to purchase the fresh catch straight from the boat as it pulls into the harbour, or to eat at one of the many colourful waterfront restaurants knowing that the catch of the day really is the catch of today... not yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that!

Dieppe and Transmanche Ferries

The town is connected to England with a service that runs from Newhaven to Dieppe, run by Transmanche Ferries, and this gives an air of excitement to the town that is always present in places where people are in transit, arriving with the expectation of new and exciting discoveries. It also makes Dieppe very accessible from the UK, and thus a great prospect for second home owners for whom ease of travel is a priority.

Dieppe offers a beach holiday atmosphere

Finally, the town still offers a very appealing package to those who are seeking to enjoy a beach holiday atmosphere. With its historic centre, pretty marina and lovely beaches, Dieppe is a great seaside destination.

Historic Dieppe

It is impossible to visit Dieppe without giving a little thought to those who suffered and died here during the wars that have ravaged the town over the years. Perhaps the worst moment of Dieppe's history was the failed landing attempt by the Allies in 1942, when many allied soldiers, particularly Canadians, died on the beaches. Fittingly, there are many tributes and memorials around the town to commemorate this, and there is also a great museum in the castle that charts events and houses other interesting collections too.

Dieppe - once a haunt of artists

The history of Dieppe can also be seen in the old town itself. Once a haunt of artists and tortured souls such as the exiled Oscar Wilde, the Café de Tribunaux in the old heart of town still attracts a Bohemian crowd, and has changed little in the intervening years. A walk along the seafront brings you sight of the 15th century castle, and if you make your way down the cliffs you can arrive at the Square du Canada, named for the Canadian soldiers who died in the war.

Modern Dieppe

There is lots of life and fun in modern day Dieppe, despite its often sad history. The shops are bright and welcoming, and all amenities are on hand in this thriving city. Leisure activities are easy to access, and there are many sporting opportunities too, including sailing, swimming, tennis, cycling and horse-riding. For the best of shopping head for the Grand Rue, where you can also take a break and watch life pass by in one of the attractive cafés that dot the area.

La Cité de la Mer

If you are interested in marine life, or if you have children with you, try and visit the marine centre, La Cité de la Mer, which marries scientific research with entertainment and education for children. Here you can enjoy looking at the brightly coloured fish as they swim around, and hopefully learn something useful too. A word of warning for the sentimental souls among you though... as you leave the centre you are invited to purchase a tin or two of fish soup!

How to get there

Dieppe is so easy to access from the UK as it has its own ferry port. Travel with Transmanche from Newhaven to Dieppe on the comfortable ferry service and arrive refreshed and ready to enjoy the city! Or you can travel with LD Lines to Le Havre. Other options include the train or driving... whatever method you choose you will find it easy and economical to get to Dieppe from England.

Property prices and availability in and around Dieppe

Property in and near Dieppe represents a great bargain, especially when compared with the UK and with many other coastal areas of France. Rental incomes are good in the area too, so take a good look at Dieppe if you are considering buying in northern France. Dieppe is worth more than a passing glance.

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WHERE IS Dieppe?

Dieppe is located on the north coast of France, looking across the channel to England. It lies in the north of the Seine-Maritime department.

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Population: 34,653

Access: By boat: The best way to travel to Dieppe from the UK is by ferry. By rail: Take the Eurostar train to Calais, Lille or Paris. By road: You have the choice of the car ferries or the Eurotunnel car train service.

Economy: Dieppe's economy includes the port, fishing and tourism.

Interesting fact: Dieppe has maintained strong links with Canada since many Canadian soldiers were killed in the Dieppe Raid in 1942.


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