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Elbeuf - on the left bank of the Seine

The large town of Elbeuf is found on the left bank of the River Seine, in central northern France in the region of Upper Normandy. Although lying inland, Elbeuf plays an important maritime role as a river port and has always been a great centre for the woollen industry. Elbeuf is an historic town that suffered badly in the bombings of the Second World War, but it is now a thriving centre of both commerce and industry, and an affluent and attractive place to live.

Taking care of itself

Elbeuf is a town that takes care of itself, and despite its heavy industrialisation, it remains a clean and attractive town with a high standard of living. The town offers some large and elegant houses, and there are a good few historic buildings, lovely old churches and an impressive town hall, which all add to the very handsome overall picture.

Shopping and dining

In a town of this stature, it is hardly surprising to find that all goods and services are on hand, and there are some excellent facilities for shopping and dining out. Elbeuf is a gastronomic centre for the delights of Normandy, of which there are many, so settle down to enjoy locally produced cider, gloriously stinky cheeses, fresh seafood and Calvados apple brandy.

Sports and leisure

Normandy has it all, really, apart from a climate which is not much warmer than that of southern Britain. It's not too bad, though, the weather, with plenty of sunshine in the summer months. The milder climate of northern France lends itself well to pastimes such as horse-riding, cycling, running and many more. Golf is popular in Normandy and there are several good courses within reach of Elbeuf. The seaside is never far away, and there are some very good resorts and beaches where you can swim, sail, windsurf and sunbathe.

Out and about

It seems wrong to go to Normandy and not make at least one visit to the famous beaches, and to remember, albeit briefly, the traumatic events of wartime when so many fought and died, and where so much of this lovely part of France was destroyed, never to be seen again.

Lush countryside, beautiful villages and welcoming people

There's much more to Normandy to enjoy than this though, so hire a car if you haven't brought your own, and drive around enjoying the lush countryside, much of it unchanged for centuries. You'll see pretty apple orchards, green pastures dotted with proud horses and doe-eyed cattle and some of France's loveliest and least spoiled villages. You'll meet some wonderful people too, with generous hearts and welcoming smiles. The city of Rouen is close to Elbeuf, and this is a must see if you haven't been before. In fact, it's worth a second or even third visit even if you have!

How to get there

There aren't any international airports close to the town, but you can, of course, fly to Paris and make the rest of the journey by car or train. Paris is served by a multitude of airlines including Air France, British Airways, bmi, bmibaby, flybe, easyJet, Jet2, Thomsonfly and Aer Lingus. Probably the best way to reach Elbeuf, however, is by ferry, with the ports of both Le Havre and Dieppe close to hand. To reach Le Havre you can sail with LD Lines from Portsmouth, or to reach Dieppe, you can sail with Transmanche from Newhaven. Or you can take the Channel Tunnel to Calais, and continue from there by rail or road. Drivers will find Elbeuf on the D321, accessed from the A13.

Property prices and availability in and around Elbeuf

Normandy is becoming more and more popular, particularly with British buyers, but prices are still very reasonable in most parts. The seaside is generally more expensive, so an inland town like Elbeuf could be a very sensible starting point for anyone with a budget to stick to. Property varies in type, but especially sought after are traditional Norman style houses, with thatched roofs and external timbers.

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WHERE IS Elbeuf?

Elbeuf is located in central northern France. It lies in the south of the Seine-Maritime department, close to the border with the Eure.

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Population: 55,000

Access: By air: The best airports are situated around Paris. By boat: The harbour towns of Le Havre and Dieppe are nearby. By rail: You can travel by rail through the Channel Tunnel arriving at Calais, and then continue by car or local train.

Economy: The economy of the town is based on the woollen industry, as it has been for centuries. Other industries that have become important in recent times include the car industry and chemical manufacture.

Interesting fact: Elbeuf was severely damaged during the bombings of the Second World War, as were many Norman towns.


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