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Étretat - a village between two cliffs

Étretat is a village situated in the north of France, in the Upper Normandy region looking across the channel to Britain. It lies in a picturesque and dramatic location between two limestone cliffs. Its amazing natural limestone arches have long attracted the world's attention, and admirers include none other then the great Impressionist painter Claude Monet, who was inspired to paint the arches in his own inimitable style.

A walker's paradise

The village of Étretat is a walker's paradise, as the cliff top views are so spectacular they inspire even the most tired legs to keep climbing in order to enjoy them! The huge limestone arches, named la Porte d'Aval and la Manne Porte, and also the offshore spire known as l'Aiguille (the Needle), are something that you will want to remember, so don't forget the camera, unless you can paint as well as Monet! If your walking is not so ambitious, you can still enjoy a gentle stroll along the pretty promenade.

Shopping and dining in Étretat

Étretat is not a large town, in fact it is probably better thought of as a good sized village, but it is used to visitors attracted by its dramatic sights and it is well prepared to cater for both visitors and residents. There are some useful shops, and restaurants and cafés prepared to serve you with the best of local fare, including superb fresh seafood, and the locally produced Calvados, or apple brandy. The traditional covered market evokes a sense of past times, and makes for a very pleasant way to spend a morning.

What to see in Étretat

Étretat also has a lovely 11th century church perched on the top of its cliffs, and a museum which is worth a visit too. For a complete change of pace, you could try your luck at Étretat's little casino... think slot machines rather than a James Bond style establishment, but its fun all the same if you have little cash to burn!

Things to do around Étretat

If you are around Étretat in the summer you will find plenty going on. There is a Normandy festival in the village, and the surrounding areas provide a wide choice of activities and places to visit. Golfers... there are some excellent courses in the vicinity, some of which have spectacular sea views... but be careful you don't lose too many balls over those cliffs! Walking, horse-riding, cycling and fishing are also popular. An evening walk down to the beaches or up to the cliff tops is highly recommended, as the spectacular arches are lit at night and make a memorable sight.

How to get there

There aren't any international airports close to the town, but you can, of course, fly to Paris and make the rest of the journey by car or train. The best way to reach Étretat, however, is by ferry, as the village lies close to both Le Havre (sail with LD Lines from Portsmouth) and to Dieppe (sail with Transmanche from Newhaven).

Property prices and availability in and around Étretat

The price of property in Normandy is rising in accordance with its increasing popularity. Property in Étretat itself is popular and therefore quite pricey, as in most attractive seaside resorts with easy accessibility from the UK. The countryside that lies inland from the village, however, offers more possibilities for those with a limited budget.

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WHERE IS Étretat?

Étretat is located on the coast in northern France. It lies in the north-west of the Seine-Maritime department.

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Population: 1,600

Access: By air: Paris Charles de Gaulle is the nearest airport. There is a great choice of airlines and departure airports. By boat: The town of Étretat lies close to both Le Havre and to Dieppe, so taking the ferry is a great option.

Economy: The economy of the town is based on tourism and the fishing industry.

Interesting fact: The village is home to some of nature's wonders, with naturally sculpted limestone pillars and arches beside its dramatic cliffs.


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