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Out of the shadows

You wouldn't think it today but the Seine-Maritime, in the northeast of Normandy, spent most of its history isolated from the rest of France. In the 19th Century, however, this all changed. Le Havre was developed into a thriving port and the department's land was needed to feed the rapidly expanding Parisian population.

Bridge over the Seine

Rouen, the capital of upper Normandy, developed where it did because it was the lowest point on the Seine at which they could build a bridge. The town's most prominent symbol is not the bridge, however. The impressive 13th Century Gothic Cathedral towers four stories above the town. Just to the North of the town you will discover the Parc Zoologique with its collection of exotic birds, emus, monkeys, antelopes and even kangaroos.

The heart of Normandy

The department's most notable town, both historically and through its own elegance, is Dieppe. This town has a typical Norman feel to it, from its harbour to its narrow winding streets. Alongside the port, you will find a long pebbled beach that is occupied by a dazzling funfair most of the summer.

Dieppe's castle

Follow the streets away from the coast and you'll eventually be led to an enormous castle that dates, not from the Norman period, but from the 15th and 16th centuries. It is now used as a museum, showcasing artefacts brought over from Africa, reflecting the town's legacy of exploring.

The Norman legacy

If you'd like to explore a Norman castle then head to Arques-La-Bataille. The magnificent castle perched above the confluence of the Bethune and Varenne rivers has a real Anglo-Norman feel to it. It was owned by Henry I in 1123 and was abandoned in the 17th Century.

Where to relax

Another coastal town well worth seeing is Etretat. In winter it's extremely quiet, while in summer it's difficult to find a parking spot as hordes of visitors of all nationalities descend on the town. It's not too hard to see why the town is so popular.

Etretat's beach

It has an attractive centre filled with half-timbered buildings and a beach positioned between two magnificent cliffs. Thousands of years of erosion have created a spectacular archway that towers over the bathers.

How to get there

Should you wish to fly, the nearest airport is Paris Beauvais, offering services with Ryanair. It may well be more convenient to travel by ferry, however, as there are ports with services from the UK in Le Havre and Dieppe. Getting there by train is very easy as well. If you don't want to take your car then the TGV will take you to Le Havre and Rouen.

Seine-Maritime property prices

The area around Rouen is fairly expensive and has had little interest from foreign buyers. Dieppe, meanwhile, offers affordable properties and comes with a great rental market. The easy access from the UK means that Dieppe is popular with English buyers.

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WHERE IS Seine-Maritime?

Seine-Maritime is in the north of Upper Normandy.

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