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Neufchâtel en Bray - ancient capital of the Pays de Bray

The town of Neufchâtel en Bray is located in the green and pleasant landscapes of the Pays de Bray, a small section of Upper Normandy that is renowned for its superb cheeses. The town suffered some damage during the Second World War, as did so many in Normandy, but is still an interesting place to visit. Well equipped, with plenty of shops and amenities, Neufchâtel is also usefully located near the port of Dieppe.

Newcastle in the mud?

Forget Newcastle upon Tyne... this is Newcastle in the Mud. Well, that is the literal translation of the name anyway, although it would be doing the town a great disservice to assume that it accurately describes it today! Despite the damage caused in the Second World War, Neufchâtel has preserved much of its history, and there is an excellent museum situated in an old Norman manor house, an intriguing building in its own right, where you can rediscover this past life of the town. Neufchâtel also has a lovely church, and a great market held every Wednesday morning in the old church square.

A gastronomic delight

The region has its own famed gastronomy, and cheese lovers in particular will find themselves well served in Neufchâtel. This is the home of the renowned Neufchâtel cheese, usually found in a distinctive heart-shaped form and having an instantly recognisable salty taste. The cheese is so well thought of that it has its own appellation controlée, just as a good wine might, and is protected in that it can only be produced in the Neufchâtel area. Other local pleasures include ciders from the apple orchards that proliferate here, Calvados brandy and Benedictine liqueur.

Out and about

The Normandy region is well worth discovering, as not only is there a rich history to find but also many beautiful towns, villages and sections of delightful countryside to find and enjoy, not to mention the fabulous beaches of resorts such as Etretat and Fécamp.

Sports on offer

Sportsmen and women will find that the sporting scene here is second to none. Play tennis, golf, swim, ride horses, walk or cycle to your heart's content... it's all on hand in Neufchâtel en Bray.

How to get there

It's easy to travel to Neufchâtel from the UK, as the port of Dieppe is so near. Transmanche run from Newhaven to Dieppe, or you can travel with LD Lines to Le Havre which is also within reach. You also have the choice of the Eurotunnel car train service and if you are continuing by car, you will find the town off the E44 road, near the A28 auto route. Flying isn't such a good idea, as there is no international airport in the vicinity at the time of writing.

Property prices and availability in and around Neufchâtel

Property in this region is always popular with British buyers, as the advantages of its closeness to the UK are an obvious attraction. It is possible, however, to find very reasonable property in and around Neufchâtel, with some highly desirable traditional Norman houses (with external timber work) on the market at the time of writing.

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Neufchâtel en Bray AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Neufchâtel en Bray?

Neufchâtel en Bray is located in the north of France. It lies in the east of the Seine-Maritime department.

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Population: 5,103

Access: By boat: You can travel to Dieppe or Le Havre. By rail: Take the Eurostar train to Calais, Lille or Paris. By road: The town is found off the E44 road, near the A28 auto route.

Economy: The economy is mainly concerned with dairy produce, specifically yoghurts and cheeses.

Interesting fact: The famous heart-shaped cheese of Neufchâtel en Bray is the oldest Norman cheese, and has its own "appellation controlée" like good wines do, ensuring it can only be produced in the Neufchâtel region.


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