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Châteaubriant Property Listings and Info

For buying and selling property in Châteaubriant

Historic market town

The town of Châteaubriant, in the Pays-de la Loire region of western France, is a historic market town which was, as its name suggests, originally built around a mediaeval château. Châteaubriant lies just below the Breton border, and has some Breton characteristics. The old town has many historic buildings and places of interest, and is set in a lovely landscape. The town is easily accessible from the UK due to its positioning close to both Rennes and Nantes.

Land of lakes and forests

The area around Châteaubriant is very beautiful, with an abundance of cool, peaceful lakes and shady green forests. Also known as the "Land of Blue Stone", the local blue coloured stone is in evidence everywhere, giving the region a distinctive and sometimes even mystical feel.

Ideal for horses

The fertile land produces rich, excellent grazing for horses, and the gentle, temperate climate is also ideal, so there are many stud farms in the area. You cannot help but notice pastures full of beautiful glossy horses, many with foals in the spring and summer. Châteaubriant is the site of a famous horse racing (trotting) track, and people travel from all over France to compete or to spectate here.

Ancient and modern

Châteaubriant has its share and more of ancient monuments and historical sights, but the town is also well equipped with modern facilities. Sights worthy of mention include the old city, with its mediaeval buildings, streets and walls; the Château which gives the town its name; the Manoir de la Petit Haie, built in the local blue stone; and the Tower of Saint Clair, part of the castle keep which was an English stronghold in the Hundred Years War. There is also a museum commemorating those who were murdered by the Nazis in 1941, in retaliation for the French resistance movement which existed in the town.

Facilities on offer

The modern town meanwhile has a large selection of shops and other facilities, including doctors, dentists, schools and other necessities.

Entertainment and leisure

Châteaubriant is more than happy to entertain you... there is a state of the art glass theatre, ten pin bowling and a horse racing track too! More than twenty restaurants are on hand to offer you a great choice of gastronomy, and don't forget to try some of the local specialities such as steak, dark flour galettes and locally brewed cider. At certain times of year Châteaubriant stages a number of different festivals, and it is worth obtaining details of these from the town's tourist office as they can be fun filled occasions which offer a chance to celebrate local customs and meet the townsfolk as well.

Out and about

Although Châteaubriant is an inland town, ideally placed for exploring the great cities of Nantes and Rennes, it is also not far from the Atlantic coast. It is certainly worth taking the hour or so's drive to one of the lovely seaside towns such as St Nazaire. There are also plenty of sporting activities around and about, and you can access golf, horse-riding, go-karting and many more from a base in the town.

How to get there

To reach Châteaubriant you can fly to Rennes or to Nantes, both of which are within about an hours drive. Rennes is serviced by flybe from Stansted, and Nantes by Ryanair from Stansted and British Airways from Gatwick.There is a TGV stop at Rennes also, which means that rail travel is a viable option, as you can travel by Eurostar to Paris or Lille, then TGV to Rennes.

Property prices and availability in and around Châteaubriant

Property prices around the town are steadily increasing in value, but it is still possible to purchase quality property at bargain prices.

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Châteaubriant AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Châteaubriant?

Châteaubriant is located in western France, in the north-east of the Loire-Atlantique department. It lies close to both its region's border and its department's border with Maine-et-Loire.

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Population: 13,000

Access: By air: Fly to Rennes or Nantes. By rail: The TGV stops at Rennes, so you can travel by Eurostar to Paris or Lille, then TGV to Rennes.

Economy: The economy is varied, with many diverse businesses registered in the town. Horse breeding and racing are significant.

Interesting fact: During the war, Châteaubriant was a known centre for the French resistance fighters. Tragically, in a reprisal for this, the Nazis murdered 27 hostages from the town in October 1941, shooting them in an old quarry.

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