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La Baule Escoublac - Europe's beautiful bay

The town of La Baule Escoublac or La Baule, which lies in the Loire-Atlantique department of western France just below Brittany, has a superb bay that is said to be the most beautiful bay in all of Europe. The bay's headlands shelter the town from the wind, as do the pine forests, so whether or not you give it your vote, it has to be admitted that this bay has been the town's fortune, as it has long held a place in the hearts of seaside lovers and Francophiles everywhere.

Birth of a resort

La Baule began to come into its own as seaside resort in around 1879, when a couple of Parisians spotted the potential of the town, with its railway station, its glorious five miles of beach, sand dunes and pine trees, and began to invest in its development as a tourist resort. La Baule became popular (the population in the summer currently swells to 120,000!), and it took the name of La Baule with its modern day spelling from then on... its original name had been La Bôl.

Amenities in La Baule

La Baule has all those amenities you would expect from a resort of this size, with supermarkets, restaurants, schools, banks and health care on offer. It also has museums, art galleries, parks, cinemas, a library, an open-air school, a casino and superb shopping! Markets, festivals and concerts are held here too, mainly during the summer.

Elegance and fun

La Baule, rather like its southern cousins on the Riviera, is a town where elegance and fun dance, if not hand in hand, at least in easy company. The genteel and tasteful atmosphere of La Baule suits those who enjoy a stroll along the prom as in days gone by, then wish to proceed to fine food and wine in sophisticated surroundings in a superb restaurant for the evening.

Activities for the more active

The town offers much more than this, however, so don't rule it out if your taste runs more to a less formal type of leisure time, as La Baule is no stranger to fun and youth culture. There is a load to do here, for all ages, with shopping, cinema, beach clubs and bars as well as a huge variety of sports, many beach and sea related such as sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving. There is also tennis, golf and horse-riding available nearby.

Out and about

The department of the Loire-Atlantique is known as the gateway to Brittany, so if you want to discover this famous region of France for yourself then you are well placed to do so. There is also the possibility to see the lovely city of Nantes, or to travel south to the Vendée and the island of Noirmoutier.

How to get there

It's easy to get to La Baule from the UK. Fly to Nantes or Rennes, both served by budget airlines. Rennes is served by flybe and Aer Lingus, while Nantes is served by Ryanair and Aer Arran. Or you could let the train take the strain and arrive relaxed and refreshed after a comfortable and speedy trip on a TGV, as La Baule has a TGV station. The A11 motorway from Paris towards Nantes is the one to follow if you are in a car.

Property availability and prices in and around La Baule Escoublac

Property in this area is popular, as is everywhere on France's lovely Atlantic coast. You will always need to expect to pay a premium for desirable property beside the sea, and La Baule Escoublac is no exception, but there is an upside. Rental values should remain high as the town is very popular with holiday makers and this shows no sign of diminishing.

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La Baule Escoublac AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS La Baule Escoublac?

La Baule is found on the River Loire in the west of France, on the Atlantic coast. It lies in the west of the Loire-Atlantique department.

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Population: 15,831

Access: By air: Fly to Rennes or Nantes. By rail: The town has a TGV station so rail travel is an excellent choice. By road: Take the A11 motorway from Paris in the direction of Nantes.

Economy: The economy is thriving and based on tourism.

Interesting fact: La Baule's bay is said to be the finest and most beautiful in Europe.


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