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La Ferté-Bernard Property Listings and Info

For buying and selling property in La Ferté-Bernard

A French 'Venice'

La Ferté-Bernard (or La Ferte Bernard), in the Perthe-Sarthois hills of western France, is known to many as 'Western Little Venice' because of the lovely waterways which cross the town. It is set in the lovely Pays-de la Loire countryside, where gorgeous chateaux gaze out over a green and peaceful landscape, where rivers bring a soothing charm and where the towns have a sense of history oozing from every stone.

Historic town

La Ferté-Bernard is one such historic town. Beautifully kept, the star of the show is the sixteenth century church, whose Renaissance and flamboyant Gothic architecture and stained glass windows have many admirers.

Crêpes for lunch

This is one place where you simply must indulge in the delicious French pancakes known as crêpes. La Ferté-Bernard has an excellent crêperie, just opposite the church, so it makes a handy lunch stop when you have been sight seeing! After eating, there's a full afternoon's entertainment to be found in exploring the quaint side streets of the town. Here there are many hidden delights, such as shops selling exquisitely crafted traditional fabrics, pots and other gifts.

The importance of sport

Something you will quickly discover in la Ferté-Bernard is that sport is very important to the town. With no less than 32 sporting disciplines on offer, and over 50 hectares given over to sports and leisure grounds, it is clear that the people of la Ferté-Bernard are a pretty healthy and active lot! From rugby to roller skating, there is something here for you, no matter what your level of fitness. Of course, you could just go to nearby Le Mans and watch the famous marathon motor races.

Places to go

The location of la Ferté-Bernard means that many places in western and central France are easily accessible, so make sure you take advantage of this fact. One place definitely worth a visit is the superb chateau, the Château de Vaulogé. This fifteenth century moated castle is as romantic and enchanting as any you could dream of, and is exactly what you hope for from this region of castles and history. The waterways of la Ferté-Bernard also offer another pleasant possibility. Take a day out on a boat, drifting along the canals or rivers, which makes as perfect a de-stressing experience as has been invented.

How to get there

If you want to travel by air, you have three main possibilities. The nearest airports which offer direct flights from the UK are Rennes, (flybe and Aer Lingus), Tours (Ryanair) and Paris, which has flights from just about every UK airline and airport! Travelling by road you will find the town from the A11 autoroute, or by rail you can take a TGV from Paris to nearby Le Mans.

Property prices and availability in and around la Ferté-Bernard

Property in this area can represent a really good investment. It is just far enough away from Paris to keep prices down, yet still retains the benefits of excellent transport links and relative proximity to the capital. The countryside offers possibilities for holiday rentals, but do your research to find the best areas if this is what you have in mind. The best times to rent out are around the race weeks at Le Mans, when you should be able to charge premium rates.

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La Ferté-Bernard AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS La Ferté-Bernard?

La Ferté-Bernard is located in inland north-west France, in the east of the Sarthe department, very close to this department's border with the Orne department of Lower Normandy.

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Sarthe Guide

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Population: 10,000

Access: By air: Fly to Paris, Rennes or Tours with a variety of airlines. By rail: Take Eurostar to Paris, then a TGV for Le Mans. By road: The town lies off the A11 motorway.

Economy: The principal industries here are electronics, IT, food production, mechanical engineering, bio medicine, and high technologies. The traditional industries of horse rearing, flour milling and cloth manufacture are still significant.

Interesting fact: The town is known as 'Western Little Venice' due to its inland waterways.

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