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Lassay les Châteaux Property Listings and Info

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Lassay les Châteaux - a delightful village

The village of Lassay les Châteaux is found amidst the beautiful and gentle landscapes of the Mayenne, in the Pays de la Loire region of north-western France. It is a place where the pace of life runs with the seasons, according more to tradition and the old rural ways than trying to keep time with modern society. It is this charm, coupled with a gorgeous setting on the edge of a lake which reflects the turreted splendour of a beautiful chateau, which keeps the visitors coming back for more, and brings newcomers set on discovering this little jewel for the first time.

Three chateaux

Lassay les Châteaux, as its name implies, is a town that boasts multiple chateaux. Sadly, two of these are in ruins, but the one that is intact is a superb example of 15th century grand architecture from the region. Open to the public, the chateau is truly worth seeing, and creates a marvellous atmosphere in the village it overlooks.

High days and holidays

Lassay is a market village, and on market day (Wednesday) the place assumes an air of excitement and vigour that contrasts with its tranquil approach to life for most of the week! The other times of the year when the village kicks up its heels and celebrates in imitable French fashion are the fête days. There are various festivals held in and around the village, and two of the most notable are the Bastille Day celebrations, which are really unmissable, and the quaintly named Three Elephants Music Festival held in July each year.

Shopping and services

Whether you are planning to stay for a day or forever, it is important to know whether or not the village offers shops and other services. The good news is that, for a small village community, Lassay les Châteaux is really well equipped with plenty of local shops and all the necessary services to hand. There are larger towns easily accessible too, so you will lack for nothing here, with superstores available at Mayenne and Le Ferté Macé.

And for fun...

The village offers a couple of good restaurants, and a friendly bar as well, making lunchtimes and evenings a pleasant and sociable occasion should you so wish. It's not the place to seek nightclubs and theme parks, but there are lots of pleasant activities available to you around Lassay les Châteaux.

Activities on offer

The area is popular with walkers, cyclists and horse-riders, who appreciate that the slower way to see the area is the best and most enjoyable. You miss too much when you whiz by in a car! Lassay has its own swimming pool, and there are lakes and rivers in the locality where you can swim, fish, canoe and even sail.

How to get there

The airports closest to the town are Rennes, Dinard, Angers and Tours. Rennes is served by flybe and Aer Lingus; Dinard by Aurigny and Ryanair; Angers by Eastern Airways; and Tours by Ryanair. The ferry is also an option, with the nearest ports being those of Caen, St Malo and Le Havre. Drivers will find the town from the N12.

Property prices and availability in and around Lassay les Châteaux

Property in this region tends to be mid-priced, with some excellent bargains available to those who look outside the best known places, such as the larger towns. Lassay is a case in point, with some exciting renovation projects on the market for very low prices, at the time of writing.

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Lassay les Châteaux AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Lassay les Châteaux?

Lassay les Châteaux is found in the north-west of France. It lies in the north-east of the Mayenne department.

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Population: 2,600

Access: By air: The area is served by the airports of Rennes, Dinard, Angers and Tours. By boat: The nearest ferry ports are found at Caen, St Malo and Le Havre. By road: The town is found near the N12.

Economy: The economy is aided by tourism, but is otherwise typically rural.

Interesting fact: Lassay les Châteaux is best known for its three chateaux, one of which is still intact, and indeed in superb condition and can be visited.

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