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A great city of the Loire

The city of Nantes is defined and dominated by the lovely River Loire, which was the source of Nantes's original rise to greatness. Originally possessing seven bridges within the city it now has only two, but it is still instantly recognisable as a great river city. It is a place of elegant buildings, wide open spaces and infinite variety of things to do and see.

The old and the new

Nantes is divided into two distinct parts. There is the old city, dating back to mediaeval times and based around the cathedral and the château, which has a colourful past and has sheltered (or imprisoned) some of history's most famous (and infamous) characters! The château has a water-filled moat and some delightful lawns which seem to invite you to spend an hour or two enjoying a picnic lunch in inimitable French style. No less worth exploring is the nineteenth century city, with its museums and art galleries. Shopaholics beware… once you have visited Nantes you will want to return again and again, for the Passage Pommeraye shopping mall is a nineteenth century construction of such splendour that shopping becomes another art form! You will also want to visit the lovely Place Royale, with its centrepiece fountain. For the foodies amongst you, the little winding streets of this part of the city offer a huge variety of restaurants covering most major cuisines.

Culture and entertainment to suit all tastes

There is no shortage of cultural experiences on offer in Nantes, with a number and variety of art galleries, museums, theatres, cinemas and an opera house. Add to this the many festivals which take place throughout the year, such as the April Carnival, the summer festival and the Erdre Programme, a spectacular and unusual blend of music and water sports, and you are truly spoilt for choice! For the young and the young at heart, there is a nightlife which is guaranteed to entertain, and probably exhaust!

How to get there

Fly into Nantes from the UK or Ireland with budget airline Ryanair, or GB Airways or Aer Arann. The TGV fast train also runs into Nantes from Paris.

Property Prices in and around Nantes

Nantes property has risen considerably in the last ten years, but it is still an interesting place to seek property as the area is ever popular. A modern house within the city is still a little cheaper than a comparable property in the UK, and if you are prepared to look outside the city for an older renovation property you will find plenty of choice and reasonable prices.

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WHERE IS Nantes?

Nantes is in western France, lying in the southern half of the Loire-Atlantique department, just inland from the Atlantic coast.

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Population: 276,200

Access: By air: Fly from the UK or Ireland into Nantes. By rail: Take the TGV from Paris to Nantes.

Economy: Nantes is an important city for the service industries (medicine, finance, administration, trade and information technology). It also has engineering, food and timber companies, and produces excellent white wines and biscuits!

Interesting fact: The great Château of Nantes, the Château des Ducs, is famous for being the place of execution of Gilles de Rais, a.k.a Bluebeard, and also as the place of refuge for Scotland's very own Bonnie Prince Charlie, as he prepared for the Battle of Culloden.


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