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Piriac sur Mer Property Listings and Info

For buying and selling property in Piriac sur Mer

Piriac sur Mer - a west coast seaside town

Piriac sur Mer lies on the west coast of France, just below Brittany in the department known as the Loire-Atlantique. The town is full of charm and unmistakeable Breton character, for although it is technically not based in Brittany, historic boundaries would have included it in this region.

Attractive town with good facilities

Piriac has pretty narrow cobbled streets, half-timbered houses with grey slate roofs, and a clean, salt-washed atmosphere. It's popular with families, both of the home grown French variety and many other nationalities too, with its excellent beaches, good facilities and tourist attractions.

Pretty port

There is something about a little French harbour, filled with gaily coloured boats and the buzz of holiday chatter to make you feel a frisson of excitement. Piriac has a lovely little harbour, always active and full of interest... so much so that just sitting watching the boats come and go is a tourist attraction in its own right! There are leisure boats, sailing dinghies and small fishing craft, and the whole makes such an attractive picture that you can usually find an artist or two there as well, overlooking the harbour and trying to put it onto canvas so it will never be forgotten.

Family beaches

Piriac is very popular with families, and it's not difficult to see why. The beaches are excellent, clean and safe, and the climate, tempered by the Gulf Stream, is warmer and milder than you might expect for a department that is in no way in the south of the country. It's perfect for a family holiday.

About town

There is plenty to do and see in Piriac too, with a great selection of restaurants and crêperies, bars, shops and cafés for relaxation and entertainment. For sports fans there are no end of possibilities, with sea sports such as snorkelling, swimming, fishing, sailing, underwater fishing and many more. There is an excellent golf course at nearby La Baule, and there are many more activities available in the vicinity.

Out and about

If you fancy a day out, it is certainly worth taking a look at the salt fields of the Guèrande, where much of France's most acclaimed sea salt is farmed. It's a fascinating sight, and a great chance to purchase a little to take home too, for a lasting taste of the Atlantic. It's also worth visiting La Baule, said to possess the most beautiful beach in Europe, or travel inland to the historic city of Nantes. Beautiful Brittany is just to the north and perfectly accessible from Piriac.

How to get there

To reach Piriac sur Mer from the UK you can fly to Nantes or Rennes. Nantes is served by Ryanair and Aer Arann, while Rennes is served by flybe and Aer Lingus. If you prefer travelling by train, you can take the TGV to nearby La Baule. If driving, take the A11 to Nantes, then head for the coast and find the town on the D333.

Property availability and prices in and around Piriac sur Mer

Piriac sur Mer is a great place to purchase a French property, and it offers good possibilities for combining business with pleasure too, especially useful for those who need to earn a little money while pursuing the French dream. Rental values are good here, so you could rent out your property while you aren't using it. Or perhaps if you are hoping to settle in Piriac full-time you may consider purchasing a property suitable for a bed and breakfast business, or perhaps a café or bar. Prices are roughly in the middle bracket when compared with the country as a whole, with the most expensive properties on the seafront and cheaper properties to be found just inland of the town.

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Piriac sur Mer AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Piriac sur Mer?

Piriac sur Mer is found in western France on the Atlantic coast. It lies in the west of the Loire-Atlantique department.

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Population: 2,254

Access: By air: Fly to Rennes or Nantes. By rail: Nearby La Baule has a TGV station for easy rail travel all the way from the UK. By road: Take the A11 motorway from Paris in the direction of Nantes, then head for the coast. You will find Piriac on the D333.

Economy: The economy is based on tourism, the leisure port and agriculture.

Interesting fact: It may be geographically located in the Loire-Atlantique, but Piriac is typically Breton in style and atmosphere, with narrow cobbled streets, Breton style architecture and old fishermen's' cottages.

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