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Sillé le Guillaume Property Listings and Info

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Sillé le Guillaume - a market town in a glorious setting

The little market town of Sillé le Guillaume has a glorious setting on top of a hill overlooking a stunning natural park and vast forest. Sillé le Guillaume has a population of just over 2,000, but it serves them well with excellent shops and services. The town has plenty of history, and boasts an old chateau with connections to William the Conqueror as one of its main attractions.

Wednesday is market day

French market towns are always appealing, and market day brings all the townsfolk out in force. Market day in Sillé le Guillaume is Wednesday, and the streets of this little town are transformed into a riot of colour, chatter, bustle and delicious aromas in the inimitable way of French markets. Don't get up late on Wednesdays, because all the best of the fresh produce and other bargains are sold early in the morning.

Visit the chateau and nearby forest

After attending the market, or on other days, you can enjoy a wander around this old and authentic town. All the usual shops and services are present, and there are also some good restaurants where you can relax and enjoy the local cuisine. The main attractions of the town include the ancient chateau, whose connections to none other than William the Conqueror add to its intrigue, and the glorious forest and great leisure lake which lie just on the edge of the town.

Enjoy summer days at the leisure lake

The lake, with its beaches for sunbathing, safe areas for swimming and various water sports, makes a brilliant place for all the family on sunny summer days. Even if the weather is not so good the forest and land around the lake are beautiful and perfect for walkers.

Discover the city of Le Mans

Days out in the region simply have to include a visit to the principle city of Le Mans. If there is a motor sports event taking place, beware, traffic will be heavy as you get near to the track. The motor car and motorcycle races of Le Mans are world famous, and anyone with an interest in motor sports shouldn't miss the opportunity to attend and breathe in the excitement first hand. The city of Le Mans also has enough of interest to keep non racing fans happy for hours. Le Mans has an historic centre and bags of heritage to discover in addition to its great shops and restaurants.

Explore the countryside by boat

Aside from Le Mans, the Sarthe is a diverse and lovely department. Try taking a river cruise, which is a wonderful and different way to admire the passing countryside, or load up the car and take the kids for a day at the excellent zoo in La Fleche.

How to get there

Although there is no airport with international flights in Sarthe, the airports of Tours, Rennes and Paris are all placed within reasonable driving distance. Tours is served by Ryanair, Rennes by Flybe, and Paris by a variety of airlines. The TGV makes an excellent way to travel, as it stops in Le Mans. Drivers can find the town of Sillé le Guillaume from the A81 or A28 major roads.

Property prices and availability in and around Sillé le Guillaume

The Sarthe is generally a reasonably priced department when it comes to property, and although it may be less well known to British property seekers than the more obvious destinations of Brittany or Provence, it has much to recommend it. Sillé le Guillaume has some very attractive properties for sale at the time of writing (December 2011), with prices starting as low as 39,700 Euros for a house to renovate.

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Sillé le Guillaume AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Sillé le Guillaume?

Sillé le Guillaume is situated in the north-west of France. It lies in the north-west of the Sarthe department, quite close to the border with Mayenne.

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Population: 2,360

Access: By air: Fly to Tours or Rennes, or even Paris. By rail: You can travel by TGV to nearby Le Mans. By road: The town can be accessed from the A28 or A81.

Economy: The economy is mainly agricultural.

Interesting fact: Sillé le Guillaume was, perhaps a little unimaginatively, named after a chap called… Guillaume de Sillé!

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