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A most beautiful city

This historic town is truly one of the most beautiful in the Vendée, perhaps even one of the loveliest in France. Walk the 'mille ans d'histoire' route, and discover for yourself a thousand years of history encapsulated in the architecture and the ancient street names. Then enjoy the more modern pleasures afforded by the numerous excellent restaurants, shops and other leisure activities.

Circles within circles…

Fontenay-Le-Comte is in fact three cities in one, laid out as it is in three concentric circles. Each circle represents a different era of the town's history. The inner circle, which is walled, contains the oldest part of the town, dating back to mediaeval times. This is surrounded by the Renaissance city, built in the 15th and 16th centuries, and finally there is the outer city, the modern commercial centre.

A paradise for lovers of nature

Nature lovers will find Fontenay-Le-Comte an ideal base, as it is the gateway to two unique and wonderful places. In the Poitevin marshes, known as the Green Venice of the West, you can punt along the canals and obtain a fascinating insight into the flora and fauna unique to this unusual environment. Then for a totally different experience, walk, horse ride or cycle in the beautiful Mervent forest.

How to get there

By Air: Access to Fontenay-Le-Comte from the Uk is simple and cost efficient, as budget airlines Ryanair (from London Stansted) and Flybe (from Southampton and Birmingham) both have services to La Rochelle airport. By road: Drive from Paris in around 3 hours. By Rail: TGV from Paris (in approx.2 hours) to Niort, 20 minutes drive from Fontenay- Le- Comte. By Ferry: to St Malo, from Portsmouth (Brittany Ferries), Poole or Weymouth (Condor Ferries).

Property prices and availability in and around Fontenay-Le-Comte

As it is some 25 miles inland, Fontenay-Le-Comte offers property at lower prices than you will find nearer the Vendée coast, and it is a very good town in which to begin your search. It is still quite a reasonably priced place to buy, although as more and more house hunters discover the area the most sought after properties (such as typical Vendeen farmhouses with their distinctive red tiled roofs) are becoming harder to find.

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Fontenay Le Comte AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Fontenay Le Comte?

Fontenay-Le-Comte is situated in western central France in the department of Vendée (85), around 25 miles inland from the Atlantic coastline and the Bay of Biscay.

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Population: 16,473

Access: Budget airlines run services to La Rochelle from the UK. You can also take the ferry from Portsmouth, Poole or Weymouth to the port of St. Malo, or from Paris drive or take the TGV fast train to Niort station, just 20 minutes from Fontenay-Le-Comte.

Economy: There is a varied economy in the region, and the economic life of Fontenay-Le-Comte reflects this, with industries relating to tourism, agriculture, food production (particularly biscuits!), wood products, machinery fabrication and fashion.

Interesting fact: The town's motto is 'Fountain springing with fine minds'.


Sextant France
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