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Vernoil le Fourrier Property Listings and Info

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Vernoil le Fourrier - a chateau village

Take an unassuming village in rural France and add a grand chateau, it's a sure fire way to make a place stand out from the crowd. Vernoil le Fourrier is just such a village, sleepy and traditional yet dominated by a magnificent chateau. Vernoil is set against the picturesque countryside of the department, which offers rolling fields and hills, rivers and lakes and woodlands interspersed with historic villages and towering chateaux.

Good amenities and heritage to discover

Although of relatively modest size, Vernoil le Fourrier has a good complement of shops and services, making it a great place to live. Local shops such as boulangeries and boucheries occupy the main parts of the village, but there are also supermarkets for ease of shopping, bars and restaurants for relaxation and enjoyment of the good local cuisine and wines. The heritage of Vernoil includes the stunning chateau, of course, but there is also a Romanesque church and a Benedictine priory to see. Many of the houses in the village date to the Middle Ages and beyond.

Visit the Pearl of Anjou, Saumur

Although Vernoil le Fourrier is in the inland department of Maine et Loire, don't forget that the region of Pays de la Loire includes a fabulous stretch of coastline with colourful resorts and lovely beaches. But if you prefer to stay closer to home there are still endless things to do and places to see. The Loire River Valley itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, packed with chateaux and great houses, while Saumur, the Pearl of Anjou, is one of the region's best loved towns and also home to the Cadre Noir, France's crack equestrian team and stud farm.

Enjoy the outdoors

In addition to the built heritage, which is tremendous, the region has beautiful natural parks, endless sporting activities and a good sunshine record so that you can enjoy the great outdoors!

How to get there

You have a choice of airports if you want to get to the region. There are flights from the UK to Nantes, Rennes and Tours, but Tours is without doubt the closest to Vernoil le Fourrier, being served by Ryanair. Those cities also have good rail services, so if you prefer to travel by train it is quite easy to do so. If you are driving, you will find Vernoil near the A85 motorway, on the D58/D206.

Property prices and availability in and around Vernoil le Fourrier

Property in and near to Vernoil le Fourrier is moderately priced. The region is popular and has a pretty buoyant market, but these tough economic times mean that many sellers are revising their ideas and pricing their properties to sell, so you could be lucky and bag a real bargain.

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Vernoil le Fourrier AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Vernoil le Fourrier?

Vernoil is situated to the north-west of central France. It lies in the east of the Maine et Loire department.

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Population: 1,251

Access: By air: Fly to Tours. By rail: You can take the TGV to Tours. By road: The village is found not far from the A85 motorway.

Economy: The economy is mainly agricultural.

Interesting fact: There are several sites and monuments of interest in the village.

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