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Beausoleil - next door to Monaco!

The town of Beausoleil, which is found in the far south-east of France, just fifteen minutes from the Italian border, is such a close neighbour to the principality of Monaco that the two seem to blend into one. Its proximity to its glitzy and wealthy neighbour makes it a highly sought after town, both by holiday makers and also by permanent home seekers, who are seeking that very special home in the sun. They love its hillside houses, steep streets, sea views, glitzy lifestyle and its closeness to both Monaco and Italy.

The glitz of Monaco and the style of Italy

All this, and the joys of being French too! Beausoleil really is the town with everything... except cheap property, of course. Cheap just isn't what this town is all about, although, if you compare its property prices with Monaco, Beausoleil clearly offers the better deal! Many of the houses here are built up the steeply rising streets, and this gives a character and very Mediterranean feel to the town. The style of architecture is often reminiscent with that of Italy, which is hardly surprising when you consider just how close Beausoleil is to the Italian border.

Year round sunshine...

Well, almost! The town of Beausoleil benefits from such great weather that it is officially classed as a "Station Climatique", a place which has weather that is beneficial to health. The lifestyle in Beausoleil is every bit as good as you would expect from its location... and evocative name. It certainly is a town of "fine or beautiful sunshine" and has one of the best climates to be found in France. This enables you to enjoy the great outdoors in whatever fashion suits you best, be it energetically swimming, sailing, scuba diving, horse-riding, playing tennis or golf, or simply sunbathing on the lovely beaches.

Shops, restaurants and all facilities provided for

There are, of course, a multitude of great shops and restaurants to occupy your time too! With supermarkets, cafés, bakeries, boutique shops and a wonderful market held on Sundays in the centre of the town, you certainly won't be bored. All necessities are also catered for in or close to Beausoleil, with excellent health care, financial services and educational facilities all to hand.

Where next?

Once you have spent some time in Beausoleil itself, you will almost certainly want to take advantage of the town's fabulous location and take a look at the famous and beautiful places which surround it. You can pop into Monte Carlo to see the famous casino (two-minute walk from the centre of Beausoleil), enjoy the principality of Monaco where Princess Grace once stunned the world with her film star beauty and fairytale marriage to Prince Rainier, or cross into Italy and discover yet another country. Don't forget all that this region of France has to offer, however, and if you travel inland you will discover some beautiful traditional hillside villages and calm, picturesque Provençal landscapes.

How to get there

As Nice International Airport is located just half an hour away from Beausoleil, there is no difficulty in reaching the town from the UK and Ireland. Nice offers direct flights with a variety of companies; bmibaby, British Airways, easyJet, bmi, Jet2, flybe, Air France and Aer Lingus. Rail travel is also a possibility, with stations at Nice and in Monaco. And driving, although long, is an interesting way to travel to the south of France, as you can see the landscapes and climates change all the way through this diverse and fascinating country.

Property prices and availability in and around Beausoleil

Property in Beausoleil is not cheap. It is, however cheaper than comparable property in Monaco... so for many people Beausoleil provides a viable alternative, particularly for those who are looking to rent out their property. With thousands of people working in Monaco unable to afford Monaco's high prices, rental property in Beausoleil is sought after and usually a good investment. Be careful where you buy though if you are depending on rental income. The more sought after property is that closest to Monaco, around Beausoleil's market area and town hall and Monaco's train station. Luxury apartments are to be found on the outskirts of town. It seems unfair to regard Beausoleil as second best, however, as the town is very beautiful, extremely well equipped and has a lively and sophisticated social life in addition to its natural attributes.

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Beausoleil AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Beausoleil?

Beausoleil lies in the south-east of France, on the coast close to the border with Italy.

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Population: 12,775

Access: By air: Nice airport is only half an hour from the town. By rail: There are major rail stations at Nice and in Monaco. By road: From Paris you need to follow the Q6, the A7 and finally the A8.

Economy: The economy is closely allied to that of neighbouring Monaco, and is based on property (real estate), tourism and the leisure industry.

Interesting fact: The town of Beausoleil often serves as a dormitory town for people who work in Monaco but are unable to buy property there for a variety of reasons.


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