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Pride of the Var

Situated just to the West of the military and highly commercial town of Draguignan you will come across a small village called Lorgues. This charming town is decorated with mainly 18th Century architecture. A long tree-lined boulevard, one of the longest and most beautiful in Provence, leads you into the town. Inside you will discover old, beautifully preserved olive oil mills as well as charming religious buildings. A number of ruins are also well worth a visit. The very centre of the town is marked by the impressively large St-Martin's church. It was built in the 18th Century and is one of the largest in the Var.

Culinary delights

The town has a longstanding tradition of winemaking. Today, the wine from the area is exported all over the world. The restaurants that fill the town are highly alluring and use local produce. It is possible to take cooking lessons.

Keeping active

A trip out of the town will reveal more delights. Beyond the two rivers, which surround the town there are a number of tiny hamlets and remote chapels. Hiking and mountain biking are very popular activities, while within the town you will find swimming and horse riding on offer.

Discovering the past

Lorgues is a fortified town with much of its defences still intact. You can follow the wall around the town and see the 'portes' by which the town controlled who came in and out. Or you may choose to wander into the old town and follow the numbered plaques around the 20 historical sites of interest. The tourist information centre will give you a colourful map of the town.

How to get there

The nearest airports are Nice, Toulon and Marseille. Easyjet fly to all three from Gatwick. British Airways fly to Nice from Heathrow while British Midland flies there from East Midlands, Flybe make the journey from Southampton and Jet2 fly there from Leeds and Bradford. GB Airways operates flights into Toulon from Gatwick. If you'd prefer not to fly, Rail Europe will take you from the UK all the way to Cannes.

Lorgues property prices

The property market has suffered from the wild fires that forced the evacuation of some 9000 residents of the inland Var region. However, the popularity of the region is as high as ever. Homes in Lorgues are generally than in the larger cities, while the town still has an active rental market.

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WHERE IS Lorgues?

Towards the north of the Var department.

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Var Guide

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Population: 7,700

Access: Nearest airports are Nice, Toulon and Marseille. Rail Europe operates trains from London to Cannes.

Economy: Production of the town's infamous and high quality wine provides one of the largest industries.

Interesting fact: The local wine is sold as far away as America and Asia.


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